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  1. The bolt looks funny cause you can see where I attempted to drill... Sorry if i broke a forum rule Im on my phone and I'm just trying to upload a picture
  2. The bolt looks funny cause you can see where I attempted to drill...
  3. I was tightening the long oil filter bolt when all the sudden it snapped. I looked it up, saw Im not the first to do it. I had high hopes that the reverse drill bit would pull it out, but no. Today I took off the left ignition? Cover and I can see the bolt. But the bolt is flush with the block. I'm so lost as to what to do. I have been able to get a grasp, granted not a very strong one, with needle nose pliers and it hasn't twisted a bit. I've tried drilling a small hole in the middle but it just broke two of my brand new drill bits pissing me off even more. I'm almost positive the bolts to small for easy out. And help please thanks
  4. Ok. I tightened the clamps but I haven't started it yet. Going to try right now. They are CV4 hoses, thanks for the advice.
  5. So my radiator is leaking coolant from a mysterious spot. I believe it may be the hoses, because it starts in the left radiator corner right where the hose connects to the radiator. After coming back out and checking on the spot about 30 minutes later, the whole bottom of the radiator is damp with coolant. The bike has never had any coolant/radiator issues before, it has 39 hours on it. I haven't had a bad crash lately that would have damaged the radiator. The fins are all in relatively good shape. The right radiator is completely fine and leaks no coolant. I don't think it has anything to do with the pressure because it is not coming out of the overflow tube. Any help is appreciated, thanks. I will have pictures up pretty soon.
  6. Thanks man, I figured it out its a 8x28 bolt, went to lowes and picked up one that was a little long, but fit perfectly. All other bolts are in check, thanks for the help.
  7. I'm missing my top left subframe bolt and was wondering what size it is. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
  8. What's the dish? The rim?
  9. Although the hubs are different sizes, replacing the brake rotors and sprocket is relatively cheap ($150). I'm about to do it so I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Maybe I have the perfect bike? Just kidding, far from perfect but mine starts 2-3 kicks after 3 compression kicks (Slow kicks until I feel resistance). I have a harder time getting mine to start warm... Dunno My bike has 33 hours on it though, so it is fairly new (2010).
  11. Actually, the brake rotors on both wheels and sprocket needs to be replaced because the hub is a different size. I know this from personal experience, got some black complete wheels in the garage off a kawi and every day I have to look at the money I wasted due to lack of research.
  12. Got it out! Used a toothbrush with some water like you said and got some dirt off, then sprayed with WD-40 and rubbed it in/around and hammered at it a while. Was harder than all the videos made it look! Thanks
  13. Well I'm talking specifically about wd-40 because it becomes very sticky, not quite sure I just know wd-40 is generally something I try to stay away from.
  14. Can I spray some wd-40? Would that help at all or would that damage something?