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  1. ironsled77

    '98 te410 no netural

    Ok thanks that was what I was thinking. I dont have the two bolts that hold the plate over the oil screen.
  2. ironsled77

    '98 te410 no netural

    Put the spring in and I now have netural! Thanks guys. now if I only knew how to post pics... I have a few questions. I dont have a plate holding in my screen filter. That is the only filter I know of on my bike. Also only have a window sight for oil fill and no weep hole. I have read that my oil drain is on the right under the spocket but there is no drain there either..
  3. ironsled77

    Riding Buddy for Little Egypt?

    wheres little egypt? Im at 55 and 80 and have tons of secret spots by me : )
  4. ironsled77

    '98 te410 no netural

    ahhh hell this is getting confusing! lol .....sorry guys im used to yamis and harleys. Got to learn this husky stuff. It ws a head scratcher when ordering parts yesterday sure wish I had eletric start tho. I wanted to teach my girl friend how to ride and she took one look and said ....ahhh I dont think so! she will get over it. Ill go back and look at the diagarm ...parts should be here by friday
  5. ironsled77

    '98 te410 no netural

    them are bushings ?... im looking at drawing 11 parts 25 26
  6. ironsled77

    '98 te410 no netural

    odd on the parts diagram on halls site it doesnt show a ball or spring on the bottom of the case....also there is no 98 model! only 99
  7. ironsled77

    '98 te410 no netural

    Halls is 2 1/2 hours south of me...yikes! I will give them a call and hope they ship
  8. ironsled77

    '98 te410 no netural

    Pulled both plugs one is a pipe plug ( very liltte oil came out on this plug) no ball or spring and I beleive there isnt one in this hole. Pulled second plug and alot of oil came out . There was no spring but the ball was sitting in the recessed area of the plug. I think you are spot on! I hope this will solve the problem and will make me happy with the purchase. Are there any online dealers with an OEM ordered deal that shows the diagrams? I know my local Yamaha dealer has one and its great..
  9. ironsled77

    '98 te410 no netural

    thanks I am weld some engine stands now and will pull them out after that. I hope that is all it is! any good online places to order from if i need parts? My 2 dealers are not close by any means
  10. ironsled77

    '98 te410 no netural

    Picked up a te 410 last night...and the sucker will not go into netural hot or cold. engine running or not. Tried to find a service manual and they are discontinued. Did a search and didnt find much. I called the only dealer around me in villa park and he said to pull the cover off and it is probably a broke spring on the shift drum. I was thinking either it is over filled or the clutch is not adjusted right (lever almost all the way out before bike moves) I hate to pop the cover off with out a manual! any and all advise would be great. has anyone else had this problem? It runs through all the gears and such and is rideable but I donbt want to ride it until I figure out where N went.....thanks guys n gals