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  1. 2001 cr250r

    cr500af fi

    I saw this video on you tube ( ) and thought it was pretty cool. I was wondering if it was possible to build one with hondas fuel injection. I was also wondering if the 500 magneto creates enough power to power it.
  2. 2001 cr250r

    how much is a 2001 cr250 worth?

    I was wondering how much my 250 was worth, im planning on getting as much as i can so i can save up for a 500af. Just got all new ufo black graphics, new seat cover, bark busters, fmf q silencer, fmf fatty pipe, v-force reeds, aluminum sprocket with steel teeth, gold chain, and decent tires. It's super clean and it screams.
  3. 2001 cr250r

    2001 cr250r

    I have a fmf fatty pipe, v-force reeds, dual stage air filter, and a pro circuit muffler. What kind of carb could i put on it to get more power, and i wanted to put race tech gold valves on it and springs set for my weight does anyone know how much that helps.
  4. 2001 cr250r

    2001 cr250r

    Hey i have a 2001 cr250r and i am thinking of milling the head down, the stock compression ratio is 8.5:1 and i wanted to make it 12.5:1 could i do this with stock piston and head