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  1. Neillo189

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    2014 520RS. Lots of extras, Scott's steering, passenger pegs, tank, fastway pegs, etc, only 266 miles. Sacramento, Ca http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/5111533431.html
  2. Neillo189

    Dirtrider Magazine ktm 250 ...Beta 250 2 stroke comparison

    I havent heard any one else comment on this section of the article so if if it's there I apologize for repeating. My slight problem with the article is the statement that they left flexx bars on the ktm to give a more consistant feel between the bikes. I think that is BS. Good companies/engineers work hard to pay attention to every aspect of riding or racing a dirt bike, and vibration is one of them. Thats like saying "we left the **whatever modification** on the Beta to give it more top end to keep the bikes consistant"... I've never heard of a magazine comparison that would do that. I understand these bikes weren't out of the crate and were already ridden, and they put on the same tires, etc., but I think its a oversight nevertheless worth noting, because reducing vibration isn't as simple as changing tires or gearing, which those things I feel are ok to keep the same for a comparison as those things are changed for different applications of riding anyways. Vibration and the lack thereof is a major reason I chose Beta over KTM...it makes a difference on the enjoyment and performance of the rider during riding/racing.
  3. Neillo189

    Fmf Q4 on 520 rs?

    Thanks Catfish for the info. Stark contrast to the other post saying exhaust doesn't do much and that I should drink and forget about it. Heck if the enthusiasts did that, we would still have fins on our cylinder heads and two shocks out back! Thanks again!
  4. Neillo189

    Fmf Q4 on 520 rs?

    Anyone have this slip on? If so, what are the power characteristics, and does it change the sound to be louder or quieter than the stock exhaust? Would like more power but not be any louder than stock, preferable quieter. Any suggestions?
  5. Neillo189


    Solar? Huh? And why are people talking shit in a dirt bike forum? Must be a bad ass with those strong words. Anyways for what's it's worth, I loved shopping for my Beta, beach!
  6. Neillo189

    Passenger Peg Kit

    Here you go!
  7. Neillo189

    Changing oil first time 2014 520

    Yes I did wash the bike. The same as I have for 25 years, nothing weird.
  8. Neillo189

    Changing oil first time 2014 520

    Yes I did wash the bike. The same as I have for 25 years, nothing weird.
  9. Neillo189

    Changing oil first time 2014 520

    I take that back, rode through 2 inches of water that was about 20 feet long. Hardly a river but I'm looking at everything since no coolant is gone.
  10. Neillo189

    Changing oil first time 2014 520

    Also no river crossings. Mostly on road and gravel. Also, the engine drain plug took all my strength to loosen. Literally as hard as I could before it broke loose.
  11. Neillo189

    Changing oil first time 2014 520

    Less than 2 hours. No visible loss of coolant.
  12. Hey guys, ran a couple of hours, wanted to change oil. Gear oil came out milky white, looks like tan paint. Something wrong or normal? Thanks!
  13. Neillo189

    Simple Question about a 2014 Beta RS

    You guys completely hijacked this thread! Just kidding, who cares, it's all good info. Question: the front brake line and ignition wire run right across the gps. So I have to take a hand off a grip and move it to see the thing. Cruising not a big deal, hauling tail it is. Has anyone devised something to move it out of the way? I'm using brp and Scott's.
  14. Neillo189

    Simple Question about a 2014 Beta RS

    Well, it's been a couple weeks now since that fine day orange rode away, and today I finally got my 520. I've only been able to ride a few miles on the street, but, what a difference so far between the bikes. I didn't expect much difference in simple riding, but there is. For starters, this bike vibrates so much less, or put another way, hardly at all. The ktm buzzed my feet asleep. Seriously. Secondly, if the beta is heavier, I would never guess. Just leaning a slight amount and the bike wants to carve a turn. It's intuitive when compared to the other. It's also quieter. And, it's easier to hold a constant speed. Much better dual sport bike. The ktm with fi always felt jerky, on or off, always wanting to go. To it's credit, it's built to race, so maybe that's the point, always go. But that's gets old really fast if you're not racing. Also, IMO, the hit on bottom is bigger on the ktm, perhaps due to fi, which makes it more tiring to ride in technical stuff, but ,this bike has a better mid and top end. Lastly, it will start when I need it to !!! Very happy so far.
  15. Neillo189

    Simple Question about a 2014 Beta RS

    Thanks Mark, I am in the Sacramento area, so right down from you. I will get in touch when it comes in and we can go for a ride!