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  1. awesome, hopefully it's what you guys are saying, I will put some penetrating stuff down the spark plug hole and let it sit for a week, see if it makes a difference.
  2. bike is a 92 yz.. My favourite bike to ride, went like a champ last time I rode it.. Put it away and get it out, put in some fresh fuel and the kick starter will not budge. I've put the bike into gear and rocked back and fourth and it feels like the piston is seized.. Any ideas on what I can check?
  3. Nice build man, my 92 yz250 has remained graphicless because if they're not fluro 90s graphics that look shitty they are way over priced..
  4. I've searched the forums many times without much success, a lot of info about swapping between YZ and WR pipes but no clear answer. I'm just wondering what year header pipes will fit a 2004 WR450 as I have been offered a 2014 pipe at a good price. Just wanted to know other compatible years so I can look for more pipes if this doesn't fit. Thanks
  5. rayz250

    Anyone familiar with Enduro kex?

    Riding the bikes they way they're meant to be ridden!
  6. rayz250

    Aussie rider Josh Green on his WR

    Damn, makes me wanna go and hit the bush hard but I know I'd more likely end up in hospital hahah
  7. rayz250

    Knee Opener 80ft Crash

    I had a similar injury falling the same way, not from a height but got high sided at speed.. Take care of that wound, if it gets infected you could lose the ability to walk for a while and or die.. I ended up in ICU for a few weeks with a bad case of septic arthritis.
  8. The YFZ450s are a fast quad. I don't like the look of the air cooled single cam big bores like the 660.. Plus moto shops would know more about working on the YFZ450 engine as it's basically the same as the WR450 and YZF450 dirt bikes..
  9. rayz250

    Best bike you have ever ridden

    I love my 2004 WR450F... A little heavier than others I've ridden, but the suspension setup on mine suits me perfectly.
  10. rayz250

    What did you do to your WR today?

    New DID Gold Xring chain, grey wire mod, airbox mod and tomorrow I will shorten throttle stop bolt.
  11. rayz250

    Let's see those WR's!

    Haha I better not tell you how much I ended up getting it for!
  12. rayz250

    Let's see those WR's!

    Yeah mate, tell me the bad news?? Hahaha
  13. rayz250

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    oops didnt see thread title
  14. thanks guys, i think i will leave it as is, the overflow hose is routed down under the left side of the frame just before the gear shifter..
  15. Yeah I think it's been removed on purpose. I seen in the service manual the overflow mounts are on the aluminum subframe, rear left.. The bike runs fun without it, no loss of coolant or anything.