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  1. 62hsr

    320mm rotor thickness

    Thanks, Ohio! I will start the conversion over tomorrow. I know many times parts need wiggling, manipulation and elbow grease to make fit. I didn't want to start off with an incorrect part, drive myself nuts with an install only to find out later that I was an idiot. Hopefully, I'll have some before and after pics to post!
  2. 62hsr

    320mm rotor thickness

    Thanks for that info. Are S and SM calipers the same? Also, I'm going to use the existing brake pads. When I get new ones, will there be some to stay away from due to the extra thickness of this rotor?
  3. 62hsr

    320mm rotor thickness

    I'm about to install some SM wheels on my S. I purchased a 320mm front rotor(for DRZsm)from Hillary motorsports online. It is 4mm thick, much thicker than the 310mm unit it will replace. Before I start, will this fit my application?
  4. 62hsr

    '84 XR350R - What happened?

    Thanks for the help guys! Back up and running! Drained the carbs and the tank. There was some dirt in the tank so I pulled it, removed petcock and cleaned both. Gonna find an inline filter next. Thanks again!
  5. Howdy Folks, Just bought an '84 XR350R. Always loved the 83-85XR's! Was advertised as "good overall condition, but runs great". The PO did the cold start ritual. When it fired up and warmed up it ran like a top(a stump pulling top!). One start kick when hot. Blasted around his neighborhood with a big grin then loaded her in my truck! Next day cold start worked great. Washed it, blasted around my neighborhood! Then yesterday...cold start took a little longer. Once cranked up, any tiny amount of throttle would stall it. Today, tried to let it idle and get nice and hot, but would cut off at idle after about 2-3 minutes. Could I have caused a problem with the wash(garden hose, Simple Green, degreaser and toothbrush)? O-ring? Water where it shouldn't be? Thanks for any expertise.
  6. 62hsr

    Chain length question

  7. 62hsr

    Chain length question

    Thanks Masshole, that's good news. What size chain are you running?
  8. 62hsr

    Chain length question

    I'm currently running 15/47 and my adjusters are towards the end of the limit. I just purchased some SM wheels and am looking for a chain that will work with 15/41 AND 15/47. Is this possible? What size would you recommend?
  9. 62hsr

    S front fender to SM alteration

    Damn Ron, the fenders on the table were exactly what I needed! That white one would look great on your bike, IMO. Kioti, that Polisport looks great too! I've been looking at their Halo headlight. Thanks for all the help and opinions!
  10. 62hsr

    S front fender to SM alteration

    Thanks for the photos Ron! It won't take long to mark and cut. If it ends up looking crappy, I can always but an SM fender then.
  11. I'm looking to trim up my S front fender to resemble an SM. Are there any pics out there of someone's project? Or a pic of an S fender and SM side by side, which would also be a great starting point. Between that and some Plasti Dip, I hope to have some nice before/after pics to share!
  12. Thanks Craigo & M3! Just a couple of squirts of electrical grade contact cleaner, worked the controls and I'm back in business. Hit it with a little lubricant to keep it that way. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the link to that relay! That is a great price!
  14. Thanks for the info M3! That makes sense and I'll start there. I have not checked the UFO blinkers to see if they were LEDs(I assumed they weren't). I really like the look of the Edge taillight with LED blinkers and will probably go that route. There seems to be a number of ways to slow down those LEDs. Is it a preference to not have them blink so fast or will that actually harm something in the long run? IMO, the fast blinking would be at least as noticeable, if not more. Thanks again! Gotta get on that brake light!
  15. Ok, so on my preride check the brake light wasn't working with front or back. This bike came with a UFO tail light set up. Pulled bulb, cleaned contacts. Switched to bulb from stock light that PO included. Nothing. Then stomped on rear brake and light started to work! Then front brake started to actuate light. Now, sometimes the brake light stays on after front brake lever actuates light. Need to stomp on rear brake pedal to unstick brake light!! Still works intermittently front and back. Any obvious ideas from the experienced? Not sure where to start. Incidentally, the blinkers flash fast if that means anything to anyone. Was hoping to switch to the Edge setup when $$ allows, but need to get this one working for now. Thanks!