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  1. scott3229

    Oil Window on KX450F

    Okay great! I'm going to take it out now for a bit and see what happens! Thanks for the help!
  2. scott3229

    Oil Window on KX450F

    Okay thanks for the reply! I just called my bike mechanic and asked him about this as well... he said this could be completely normal to have a little condensation in the motor because it's cooled down 20+ degrees over the last week or so down to the low 50's (I live in Chicago) , and even more trailering it home in the rain cooling the bike and internals creating condesation... He said (as KTM Pat said) to run it like Im riding it for 30 mins or so and if it doesnt evaporate the moisture then I may have something more involved like a water pump seal or head gasket... So KTM Pat, is that where you were going with the "ride it for 30 mins first" are you agreeing it may just be water from light condensation that could go away once I run it for a while at operating temp?
  3. scott3229

    Oil Window on KX450F

    What would I be looking for with the radiator cap off? Also I had to trailer the bike home in pretty heavy rain and I changed the oil shortly after taking it off the trailer is it possible that dripping water would be enough to do that assuming some possibly seeped in with the drains or fill cap off?? Thanks for the replies.
  4. scott3229

    Oil Window on KX450F

    Okay so this doesnt really fit here, but I couldnt find a better spot for it.. I just changed my oil and filter on my 07kx450f (first time changing it on this particular bike) and I put 1.2L of oil in and ran it a couple of mins and then checked the window... The oil appears to be a little foamy with a white tint.. Im wondering if this is normal or I should be checking anything else? I dont remember it being like this on my crotch rockets...and nothing else I have has an oil window... Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone first post here! althought ive been reading the forums for a while now , Ive found a ton of useful information here before joining, excellent input here So I have my own question for you guys I havent found specifically what im looking for yet... Im getting about 1/4-1/2 inch of play in my swingarm on my 07 kx450f when its on a stand and I pull the swing arm up... I cant see where exactly the play was coming from so I took off the rear shock and linkage off to see if there was anything very apparent, but nothing stood out really... So Im wondering now that the shock and linkage are off the bike, is there anyway to tell which of the bearings are bad without replacing all of them? Thanks!