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  1. joepatriot

    Dothan, AL Bike Shops

    Not yet. My son was born recently and it's been a chore to get away from the house. I'm going to try and get out next weekend.
  2. joepatriot

    Dothan, AL Bike Shops

    Second to last week of BOLC. You?
  3. joepatriot

    Dothan, AL Bike Shops

    I actually have been really busy and haven't had a chance to get out yet. Bama Jam is where a few of my classmates ride. Looking to get out there hopefully tomorrow or later in the week.
  4. joepatriot

    KLX Headlight Upgrade.

    Looks good. I see something similar in my bikes future, I just need to get a few other mods done first. How long do you estimate it took from start to finish?
  5. joepatriot

    Alabama Dothan, AL Bike Shops

    Hey guys, I just moved to the area and have been looking for a shop to get some suspension and carb work done on my 08 KLXR. Any recommendations?
  6. joepatriot

    Germany - Ramstein

    Outside of riding on the reservation MX around Hohenfel's is almost non existant.
  7. joepatriot

    Moved to Germany looking for a place to ride.....

    I live in Hohenburg, getting my Kawa KLX450R ready for the spring time it has been sitting in storage du to my move from the states.
  8. joepatriot

    Germany - Ramstein

    Anyone still stationed in Germany? I just got into country and looking to ride once my HHG get in.
  9. I'm around the Regensburg area and looking for a place to ride. Have bike, will travel. Any suggestions? Local bike shops tracks? Need my fix before I lose my mind! Thanks
  10. joepatriot

    New owner, small problem though.

    I just ordered my JD jetting kit a couple days ago and should have everything diagnosed and fixed this weekend. Could you elaborate on the dialectic grease under the shroud? Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The old owner said it had maybe 10 hours on it so it couldn't be valves. I'm 99% sure it's a fuel system issue. MODS so far: AIS kit Crank case vent kit In the works: JD jetting kit
  11. joepatriot

    New owner, small problem though.

    Hey guys! Just picked a 2008 that was sitting in a guys garage for almost 3 years. I've changed all the fluids and serviced the bike per the owners manual. I am however having trouble getting the bike to start and believe it is a stuck float inside the carb. The spark plug is clean and fires properly. When using the electric start the bike turns over but nothing happens. Zero exhaust. What are the remedies for carb floats that have been sitting for an extended amount of time that are either stuck or clogged/gunned up from sitting? I'm trying to avoid removing the card from the bike. I'll check out the technical forums in the mean time. Glad to finally own one! Below is the picture of the bike and I cannot wait to get it out of the trails.