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    2007 kx250f head gasket problem

    Installed a high compression pro circuit piston at the beginning of the summer and used aftermarket gaskets(cometic). About 2 months ago I noticed the coolant kept getting low and had to keep adding it. pressure tested cooling system and found no external leaks and pressure held. When bike is idling coolant blows out over flow tube, pressure tested cap and it would bleed off at around 13psi so i replaced the cap, problem still present. no coolant in oil, oil level never changed. figured I had a head gasket problem. pulled the head off this afternoon and found head gasket on right side blown apart. wondering if anyone has had problems with high compression pistons blowing head gaskets and is there a specific brand head gaskets you guys are using? I think im ganna try OEM. also i dont know if i should had gotten new head bolts, maybe they are torque to yeld? any responses will be helpful. thanks!