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  1. Thanks called the Yamaha 1800 # and they identified it as a 1978 Yamaha IT 175. Appreciate the help!
  2. Hey, Thanks for the thoughts and your absolutley on the right track. It is in fact a 78, but I called the 1 800 number from the link Motoxvet gave me and they identified it as a Yamaha IT. I appreciate everyones feedback. Helped me out a ton and I learned a lot.
  3. Thanks for the chart. My engine ID is stamped 1w2-030026 so still a mystery. I bought it from a guy who told me it was a 75 but I'm not even sure if they made the IT Yamaha series until 77. I'll keep looking, but any input helps so thanks again!
  4. Thanks I will look in that. I appreciate the help.
  5. I'm trying to find out the year of a Yamaha IT 175. The vin is only 9 digits long. I know it is pre 1981. Anyone know how to identify it? From loooking at pictures it appears to be a 77 or 78. Thanks...