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  1. Whats up TT community. New to the forum. Been reading a lot of different threads about this but I wanted to make a specific thread. I've got some cash saved up and I'm going to build a motard this winter. My question is: Why go with anything but the 500 EXC? Other than the price, I cant find anything that would make me choose otherwise. From my research I've found that the 500 EXC is "THE best" bike to convert. Seems like the price is worth it. My goal is to use it not only as a street bike, but have a completely different set of rims and sprockets for dirt use. As of now I will be buying a 2013 around Dec or Jan, unless someone can hook me on another bike with a valid reason. This will be my first street legal 4-stroke bike, I'm a dirt rider of almost 15 years, I'm not looking to race anymore, I just want a bike I can use to get to work and also play in the dirt with. Any insight on my upcoming purchase would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all, ride safe.