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  1. mirrorimage

    Bike maintenance, it's important

    Nope, keeping the Husqvarna and the Beta.
  2. mirrorimage

    Bike maintenance, it's important

    Ok, Mousekateer whatever you say! LOL
  3. mirrorimage

    Disneyland ticket question

    Now that is funny! Still owes my daughters to the mouse house. When they figure out when they want to go that is.
  4. mirrorimage

    Buying bikes in CA..

    Feel the pain now, it only gets better with age and experience.
  5. Being happy is inevitable

  6. mirrorimage

    Bike maintenance, it's important

    Thats what I do...
  7. mirrorimage

    Any dirtbike shops in Orange County

    Bet it would have been a great experience if you had them work on a KTM. But since you don't own one you got screwed. HAHA!!!
  8. mirrorimage

    Plan B, Ride Report

    I like that with most groups! However, when you know a spot and are showing it to your buddies, even you get to be "That guy". P841 out...
  9. mirrorimage

    Lets roost the LPNF this Thursday

    One post and you are looking for takers? Do I know you? LOL
  10. mirrorimage

    Plan B, Ride Report

    Dirty faces are always a good ride thing. Now if your out in front you get to have a clean face with the same smile!
  11. mirrorimage

    Confused as ever on Husky

    "ALL" companies have a part or two on backorder. The thing is like this, do you drink starbucks or go to petes? Starbucks on every corner, petes not so much. Both serve coffee, its just that one company decided to flood the market and offer just about the same thing for more money. You don't always get what you pay for today!
  12. mirrorimage

    Beta oil changes and oil.

    Yes, mine is a 2012, I can e-mail Tim at Beta and get back to you or you can. Just go to home page and contact, Tim will get back to you really fast. Great guy unlike other companies. Your motor is Beat in-house, and not the KTM right? I had thought they started the Beta motor in 2010 if I am not mistaken. The only change I had thought they made was on the cams/head.
  13. mirrorimage

    Beta oil changes and oil.

    Remove screw fastner from right carter and pour in gear oil BARDAHL GEAR BOX10W-40. To check the oil level, unscrew the check bolt The oil level must arrive to the lower edge of check hole. Under conditions with high engine temperature (sand intense clutch use sand and mud) it is recommended to use an increased clutch/gearbox oil quantity of 1000 ml. Page 41 of the manual will tell you to increase to 1000. [http://www.americanb...50-498%20RR.pdf
  14. mirrorimage

    Beta oil changes and oil.

    Only about 26, It was doing a funky thing and George wanted to check everything. Found out that the little black smog box has no filter in it and the carb was sucking dust. Have his carb filter on it now and seems good. Also an added item that only my bike 2012 will have. oops, P841 told me all this...
  15. mirrorimage

    Beta oil changes and oil.

    Pull plugs, drain, pull filter, tip left, tip right, let drain, repeat, replace plugs, new filter, Fill with 800ML crank side, 900 Trans side, http://www.spectro-oils.com/?p=91 or http://www.spectro-oils.com/?p=7986 Good to go!