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    Gear for Ladies???

    hi. first thing first. i am not a girl. i may ride like one (no offense or pun intended, i just ride like a weenie ) that said, i got my fiance into racing on her ttr125l a couple years ago. right away she went out and bought some msr ladies gear. she wasn't overly impressed by it. well, last year at the steel city national we visited a trailer specializing in women's gear. called sick girl racing sick girl web site LINK scroll about half way down the page (at the top of that page is some girly pink crap. my woman got the grey "classic freestyle" stuff) she tried the gear on, and imediatly had to have it. and let me tell you, she looks dang good in it, too. it is cut to fit a woman's body. the jersey is a little more shapely, and the graphics help accentuate certian aspects. the pants are freestyle, over-the-boot, and she simply loves those. they have a full length soft liner inside, and again, are cut to fit the female's natural curves. truly a great product in terms of developing women's own unique racing apparel. (two thumbs up) and did i mention, she looks WAY HOT in the gear?
  2. hey all. i am only asking this here cuz you guys are so darn good at this kinda stuff (and i'm not) so impress me again my dad is restoring an 84 honda goldwing ASPENCADE, and can't find a wiring schematic for that particular model and year, and that's really making the finals steps of finishing this thing rough (a mouse had built a nest inside the fairing and chewed through a bunch of wiring. now he's fixing it, but there's a few things that just aren't self explanatory in the wiring??? :) ) ***and YES, we do have the clymer manuel for that bike (or that line of bikes, including that year) it just doesn't have a schematic for that specific model/year, and a few things aren't matching with other years' schematics. can anybody help? again, that's a 1984 HONDA GOLDWING ASPENCADE (1100CC) thanks in advance for any help you guys can be racer36
  3. hey MTV, 'PIMP MY QUAD' ... lol
  4. xrracer36

    so what do yall thin about ??????

    i liked disney's "motocrossed", so i am stoked for this movie. looks like it will be a good movie i think. they have david pingree and rich taylor, among others, as stunt-dummies for this movie. it's going to be great. plus, how could you not like a mx based movie.... oh, wait, there is one i saw that was rediculously lousy... "mx kids" watch it if you have an hour and a half to WASTE. that was one of the corniest movies of all times. gary buesy was in it. i feel sorry for him for that one... had to be a career killer...
  5. xrracer36

    GRIPS WONT STAY ON while riding...

    I had a similar problem (grip came off) i just never bothered gluing them... never had need to, they always stayed just fine then one motocross, during the prerace practice, it was raining, and i jumped , and going up jump face, left grip popped off. bike kept coming up, i went down toward bike (no longer supporting myself on left side of bars) smashed up helmet, big shiner, bruised up face pretty bad. i think i went out upon contact. don't remember. i crashed then on landing, face first. tumbled onto next jump-face. was out for like 5 min. they say i clamped down on my tongue and almost bit it off (was bleeding) i was lifeflighted and spent the next day in ICU,and the next 3 days in Allegheney General hospital. severe concussion, and a lot of bruising, soreness, and they thought i fractured a vertebrae in my back at the time. guess not. i don't remember about a week or so there, and lost 1/2 a summer of riding. it sucked. it only takes a few hours for the glue to dry, and doesn't cost any $20,000 for grip glue (which is what the hospital bills totaled up to. thank goodness for insurance.) i don't see any log term effects, though and it's been a year and a half since. some people say i lose my short term memory or repeat myself sometimes, but i don't think so. i don't see any log term effects, though and it's been a year and a half since. some people say i lose my short term memory or repeat myself sometimes, but i don't think so. in short. GLUE THEM. what ever means possible. i use grip glue and 3 safety wires on each grip now.
  6. xrracer36

    New Guy Cooper Xtreme CR II Pit Pro

    what's the replacement part situation on these things? i know "many crf/xr50 aftermarket parts bolt right on", but what is many? tires and plastic? or does that include all internal engine parts (cylinder, piston, rings, etc.... all compatible with crf50 aftermarket stuff? i am interested in pit bike soon, but don't know what to do? my dad and bro both have drz110's. those things rock! they put springs on them, pipes, air filters, and bigger bars, and they are set. total about $2000 with all the aftermarket stuff done to them ($1500 for bike, $200 for springs, air filter is les than $100, pipe can be done for near nothing by welding 2-smoke silence onto stock pipe and grinding o-ring restrictor thing out of the front of stock header) Bars can be gotten for about $40. what is best deal? i have been researching on here and found horror stories of the sdg speed mini practically falling apart. how are teh xtremes? any better or easier/cheaper to fix (apparently it;s hard to get parts for the sdg?) or is it safer and easier to just go out and buy a new klx/drz and do the simple mods to it myself? OR start with a crf50/70 and do that stuff? the xtreme/sdg minis are arleady ready to ride for an adult. but do they hold up? i know the drz's have a few bending problems too, but seem decent enough for a play bike. just weighing the options, need some input from those who have done it. and the auto clutch thing seems nice on their 110's for play riding that i want it for. do the xtremes still alow this option (just have the added ability to feather clutch like aftermarket clutch kits, while still riding it like a auto clutch also, or do they require 100% use of clutch like a big bike?) what to do?
  7. xrracer36

    selling international

    from what i understand, there is not much that can be done, since these "buyers" are from outside US jurisdiction, some of them even in nations that will not extradite to the US. read the link further up in this forum post to the article about how this scams works. this is the exact same set-up that all the "buyers" responding to me want me to agree to. DO NOT touch anything other than cash as payment for your bike, and that payment alone. if he send you a bum cashiers check (that clears temporarly) and you forward funds to shipping company or him, then the check comes back, you are stuck coming up with the total amount to cover the funds YOU gave otehr people (shipping company and/or buyer) inaddition to having lost your bike. the bank doesn't care where the money went. you sent it there, you drew from them, so they are now coming after you to get it back. it is now your debt, and the buyers gain. ??? this world sucks... and i just came up with a new investment plan for retiremnet. I'll go to jail. Martha Stewart just got released. She was worth a net of $300 million dollars when she went into "camp cupcake"... 5 months later, she is released, she made $40 million per DAY she was in the "slammer", and is now worth a claimed net worth of $1 BILLION :D ... that's like a 233% increase, for what? taking time outside society in a prison nicer than most hotels any of us could afford to stay at!?!?! oh, downside... now she's on house-arrest and stuck unable to leave premises at her $40 million house, where she is having her 2 new tv shows and previous business located to so she can make more money.... stupid society :)
  8. xrracer36

    selling international

    okay, new idea. how does this one sound? i sell bike, only they are required to send shipping fees to shipping comapny prior to pick-up, in addition to sending the shipping company the $2100 to give me (in cold hard US cash, in new $50 bills to enable counterfit detection because of the stripe inprinted in teh new bills) is this a safer method? I have proposed numerous "on my terms" clauses to some of the buyers, and heard back from none of them after that. obvious scams but, if i can get agreement for payment to me directly in cash, no checks to clear, etc., then I can not be held responsible for any fraudulent checks. it is the shipping companie's problem if they move before payment clears, and they have to go after the payer or pay the bank for their error. what's anybodys' views on this idea? thanks -racer36 (PS, I am probably going to end up selling this locally ater all this crap now anyways, but i am looking to see if there is a safer selling method for any future international sellers who might be curious, or if you guys can find flaws with all of them? )
  9. xrracer36

    dirtbike numbers

    36 ... explanation: 1-favorite nascar driver when i got into dirtbike racing: ernie irvan (1999) 2-favortie footbal player: jerome bettis (steeler's fan) there were other reasons to add to the list at the time, but i don't remember any more of them any longer. it just kinda stuck. BUT I LIKE IT! -racer36
  10. xrracer36

    POLL! What do you prefer to ride in?

    the nude ... oh, you mean weather i just figured by the post title...
  11. xrracer36

    selling international

    i am talking about setting up transactiona arrangement on my terms here. they offer that crap about extra funds needing forwarded and crap, and i reply: "I have changed my mind. I do not want to handle any extra funds. If you want my bike, I will require that I recieve only payment for the bike ($2100) and you are to handle all accomodations in arrangment and pre-payment of the shipping to pick it up, etc. That is not my responsibility to handle that. also, i will be going to my bank this afternoon to inquire as to what will be the safest and easiest way to handle payment. I would imagine they will tell me that a wire transfer is the safest or something from within the states (money order purchased in the states/cashiers check from in states, etc.) Do note that I will NOT release the bike for pickup UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES until payment has cleared your bank, or the bank it came from. If it takes 2 weeks for some payment to clear, but a shipping company shows up in 2 days to claim the bike, I will not let them have it yet. I am aware there are numerous scams running right now on an international level, and I am not about to become another victim. This is nothing personal, and I hope you can understand where I stand on this one. I have numerous international buyers right now offerring the same type of deal you are, and am sure I can get one to agree to my terms of transaction if they are really on the up-and-up. Please reply to me regarding this. Thanks -Lance" Now, if you see any obvious problems with continuing transaction with any buyers that hang around still after agreeing to my terms (haven't been scared off by prospect of not recieving bike until i receive my money) then please voice them. I am not trying to be a smart @$$ here! I am looking for a fullproof way of selling my machine oversees if i have an actual honest buyer. I am just looking for advice on how to best handle a foreign transaction such as this to be 100% fullproof to me. I don't see any problem with the sale as long as their payment clears 100%, and i have green US dollars in hand. thanks -racer36
  12. xrracer36


    bling bling! that's the stuff!!!! very cool. thanks dude! -racer36
  13. xrracer36


    yeah! that's them! hot action cop is the group, and the song is "dirtbike", but i can't seem to find the song available anywhere for download. if you have it, could ya email it to me? racer36's email or at least tell me where you found it and downloaded it from? thanks racer36
  14. xrracer36

    selling international

    easy pal! geez, i asked a question, not insulted your mother. i wanted to see if there were things going on right now worldwide and get advice. so yes i am ignorant as to that. i don't do any business internationally, and therefore would have no way of knowing this. these are teh things i wanted to know, though, thank you. i do have a cousin who does a lot of business with some people in germany for laverda parts and such, and that is okay. that is really the only insight into world business affairs i currently have. would it be safe if i could get one of them to agree to any sort of wire transfer, rather than waiting for any type of payment to clear? or if i can get one of them to secure and pay with some type of domestic currency? (again, asking on ignorance) i imagine i will end up holding onto it until spring when i can get some domestic buyer interested, though. thank you though for your warning.
  15. xrracer36


    i am looking for a download on the song from nitro circus I called "dirt bike rider" (the soundtrack from the first chapter on the DVD) anybody think they will have any better luck finding it than me? thanks -racer36