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  1. Yami125

    2002 Yz125 Float Adjustment

    I just lay mine upside down and try and line up the line or groove on the side of the float with the edge of the carb. I just make sure it sits level with the carb body is what im trying to say.
  2. Yami125

    yet another pipe question (05yz125)

    I would think any pipe will work with that silencer sinse all aftermarket pipes work with stock silencers. The connection point should be the same.
  3. Yami125

    1980 yz125 leaking coolant

    Go to that link and select your bike, Its most likely a 1981 the only years the radiator was mounted there was in 81-82, Then select " Radiator Hose " or " Steering " to get a look at the parts Edit : Did you check the small hose connection into the steering head ? It could be just that. Just checked that link and it does work now
  4. Yami125

    1980 yz125 leaking coolant

    You should have said Head tube as in " steering Head " ahhh I see now. That would mean the radiator could be leaking then, You are going to have to remove the radiator and pressure test it or do it in place. but I would bet its that or a hose connected to it. EDIT : Actually I just check the parts chart and it does look like the top and bottom triple clamp is part of the coolant passage way. Look Here >>>>> http://www.motorsportmonster.com/pages/OemParts?aribrand=YAM#/Yamaha/YZ125H_-_1981/RADIATOR_-_HOSE/YZ125H_(1981_MOTORCYCLE)/RADIATOR_-_HOSE_(YZ125H_-_1981)
  5. Yami125

    1980 yz125 leaking coolant

    You wouldnt have a 1980 if it was liquid cooled, The first year for that was 1981 for the YZ 125 Looks like there is a O ring type gasket for that on the cylinder, Look here at part # 22, Is this what you are talking about ? You may want to post a pic so I can see what you are talking about. This link I am trying to post is not coming up right ? http://www.motosport...?mmy_source=oem If its leaking from the " head tube ", thats part of the head not seperate and could be craked.
  6. Yami125

    06 yz125 lack of power

    You have a pin that may have come out of that valve where the arm grabs it with a spring, I believe you need to take the cylinder off to fix this.
  7. Yami125

    Need end cap for Pro Circuit R304 exhaust?

    Yes, I have the R-304, and its loud
  8. Yami125

    Does an 01 yz125 cylinder fit on a 02 yz125?

    There is a very slight part # difference between the 2 years. I would say yes it would work, But thats just my opinion. 2001 - 5MV-11311-10-00 2002 - 5NY-11311-10-00
  9. Yami125

    Need end cap for Pro Circuit R304 exhaust?

    I can tell you its quite a bit louder than stock, I have this same one on my 05 YZ 125
  10. Yami125

    Yamaha Blue Frame Paint?

    This link may help, although its for the Yamaha snowmobiles, I still think its the same blue. It shows many different options >>> http://www.totallyamaha.com/snowmobiles/aaTECH/misc/PaintCodes.htm
  11. I think this is a good Idea, People can post what they 100% know is interchangeable and at some point could be consolidated in a new pinned thread.
  12. Yami125

    New clutch basket problem.

    Are you 100% sure the basket is on all the way ? You will know it is when the spacer and bearing on the shaft are flush with the basket. They can be tricky to install, Was the stock basket different than this ?
  13. Yami125

    Yamaha Blue Frame Paint?

    Yamaha must have something to do with that pricing I would bet
  14. Yami125

    will this fit

    If thats the part you need then yes, That will fit a 2005 YZ250
  15. Yami125

    will this fit

    Thats not a basket Its a " Inner clutch hub "