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  1. Here is what gets me around town.. Depending on the day and what I feel like..lol Now, I just need to talk the wife into a new off road ride..
  2. Skrub67

    post your lids!

    That was my first M2R..I use it for my "mud" helmet back up now...I have not owned anything but M2R since. ...........
  3. Skrub67

    post your lids!

    All M2R RevX helmets... had a hell of a crash, split the helmet but I was fine for the most part and most importantly (lol) M2R replaced it for 25$ with like kind, brand new....I love these helmets. One is for the wife, and the other two are mine, (one extra for mud races...lol)
  4. Skrub67

    Quicker than your hauler..lol

    Hey Matt, you get that tripod yet.. bout to get back to the track
  5. Skrub67

    Quicker than your hauler..lol

    It's all in fun... ..We do not mess around to much with the pulling(unless we have had a few and happen to have the trucks in the pasture..lol) Toys only get more expensive the older you get...as I have found out..so it is a good thing I have friends that have toys I do not...that way I can still enjoy and they pay... Hey, it's five O'clock some where..gotta run.. Yeah, that is what he was working on...blazer has been an all motor 6 sec 1/8 mile street legal ride but he wanted to see what it would do on the "juice"...he has added longer bars..it was actually pulling the right rear off the deck cause it was coming up on the bars so hard...of course he added this after the body work and cage was fixed....he was going 138 mph at the 1000 foot mark (if I remember what he told me) and was going like 22 mph when he tripped the lights at the 1/4 mile....ON HIS ROOF TOP...Just glad he was OK.. It was test and tune...not test and wreck...lol..They now have a better camera man/woman and a tripod...
  6. Skrub67

    Quicker than your hauler..lol

    LOL, the new camera man is in the works.. Yeah well, it hauls groceries, and ass...that would make it a hauler..as far as hooking them up...I'll be your huckle berry..this is not our only toy..this one just happens to be my little bros creation...And we too know how to make'em smoke..or not smoke with certain mods..we have some of the quickest diesels (Chevy and a Ford ) in the area....so yeah we can hook up, go off road or sit around and drink beer..your choice.... Sure, as long as you can strap the boat on the trailer..lol
  7. Here is how we pass our time on non motocross days Click here to see Video
  8. Skrub67

    Bombs Over Baghdad

    Cause I'm sure that is what he will be thinking right before he goes up in a big sand storm... "Ah damn Americans, can't even spell my name right." You have got to give the guy that put these clips together props... I play three of his videos to pump my classes up all the time when they need a little motivation.
  9. Skrub67

    TTR125LE,Stored,Bad Gas, Won't run

    OK, This may have been a topic before and if so, I'm sorry. I just do not have the time to look for it, and for the "search" well, The work computer is a little slow. I left for a few months on work and the wife NEVER started or rode her TTR. I get home and go to start it and the battery was dead. I kick it for ever and nothing I take a wiff of the gas and it is way bad. I drain the gas, tank and carb and it fires up on the first kick. But, it runs like poo poo.. I go get a new plug, pull the carb (and take apart as much as I know), run some cleaner and put it all back together (correctly I think). I kick it over and it runs a lot better but everytime I give it gas it wants to "bog" down. It will idle but only with the choke on and only at a low idle at that. To get any rpms you have to roll on the throttle rapidly and only a little at a time. Put it in gear and it does not have enough power to go down the road. When I took the carb off I noticed the petcock(sp) does not stop the fuel completely..it dribbles in the off position.. Any help, I'm guessing carb issues..but I do not want to "shot gun" and I'm fairly inexperienced on motorcycle repair.. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  10. Skrub67

    Those wacky American soldiers

    I might be a dumb a s s but I'm (Marines) the first one called when s h i t needs to be done and done right the first time with least amount of manpower, money, and b i t c hing, I'm the the first (Marines) called when someone is in deep s h i t and I can kick your a s s... But being smart never was my game and could be some what boring...lol ... And where ever I (Marines) go our Navy brothers give us a ride. And the Army, well they usaully mess things up so bad that Marines come in and fix it and it just makes us look that much dumber..uhh huh yup yup
  11. Skrub67

    Gotta love okinawa....

    LOL.. Come on, that's funny I'm with ya Oki, Very sweet looking a s s. Good luck man and don't let the twisted comments get to ya... Just have fun SEMPER YUT YUT
  12. There is a slight view of a pair of boobs in this ..... but it is hilarious.. so I thought... Hope I do not get in trouble.. http://enwhore.com/viewmovie.php?mid=697
  13. Skrub67

    Bubba needs to chill

    Yeah I'm sure NO one has EVER hurt themselves to inflect pain on others
  14. Skrub67

    Bubba needs to chill

    If he was a D class (novice) rider or once in a while thing maybe...How many races now in a row has "bubba, oops I did it again scrub" had a run in with a contending competitor...? Sorry I do not buy that it's racing..not from a professional. Disclaimer... 259 Is one hell of a rider with a load of talent, He is just maybe riding a little beyond his limits at this time..