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    98 XR400r, 05 KTM 250 EXC, weightlifting, zen living, home improvement, coffee, helping others.
  1. I want to thank everyone whom chimed in w. good advice above, much appreciated. I ended up going w. a simple yet bright dual LED headlight from Polisport (model HMX LED). The light coast $110 from Rocky Mtn. Atv & offered free shipping (2 day delivery, always lightning fast). Has both a high & low setting. It didnt come w. a handle bay toggle switch so I used one from Autozone. Whats nice about this light is that each LED only draws 3 watts each so no matter what your stator puts out, it would be plenty sufficient. As well, no dimming w. this light at low rpm... its either fully on or off (off when I switch it off)... even at stopped idling speed. ** Last nights test ride results: low beam will get you home in complete darkness no problem but your not going to ride too quick. High beam was very impressively bright. I rode much faster in both tight singletrack woods & open fire roads........ although obviously not as fast as a sunny day. Turns are obviously trickier as your headlight isnt quite on the new terrain but this would happen w. any headlight is my guess. Im more than happy with this headlight & its light output. I have lots of confidence going anywhere at night now & how fun it was as the sun went down & the heat went away as well. Im also going to invest in a helmet LED light down the road but for now, Im super happy w. this low power drawing, very bright headlight.
  2. .... It is kick but the previous owner (I think) installed electric start... that does work. So I'm not sure if the stator was upgraded. Might be worth it to have the upgraded one... I'm not too much worried about the tail light but def want above avg lighting in the front. I will buy the helmet light also.
  3. what area or state do your ride in? any tight woods riding... howd the light perform ted stator or the "float the ground mod" with a recectifier.
  4. I run a 2008 300 XC ... thanks for your response.
  5. cheetah66

    300 Pictures

    My 2008 300xc
  6. Im a current east coast hare scramble racer (vet- who also does a few GNCC races a year & is now looking to do some enduro racing. I dont have a healdight on my bike & am seeking one. I have looked at the trail tech, enduro engineering, etc lights but am not sure w. light has great to good results. Just wondering what others have went with & how their light performed. Id also like to find a light that plugs right in if possible & I dont need to do lots of wiring work. Any info helps & is MUCH appreciated! Thanks & happy/safe riding/racing~
  7. cheetah66

    Maxxis Desert IT tire for east coast rock & root?

    Thanks for feedback... yet I'm wondering how it would do on the east coast... lots of aggressive rock where I ride & hard pack dirt... mixed in w.tree roots... I race hare scrambles also.
  8. cheetah66

    Maxxis Desert IT tire for east coast rock & root?

    I assume that's your "opinion" & you haven't tested one out.
  9. Just curious... I'm willing to try it but wondering if people have & what they experienced. I don't ride mud (occasionally hit it) but lots of rocky, hard park woods/small hills in Northeast Pa. The Maxxis Desert is a tough tire I hear & had high knobbs... it might work great or might not. I currently run the Dunlop at81 & like it a lot.
  10. cheetah66

    Great places to dirt bike in Oregon?

    where did you live in Pa? Im just wondering what section of the state your comparing it to. I live in the northeast (Scranton area) & there is some decent places (mostly rock/root) & a decent amount of riders... Excellent to know the scene is larger out there, Im def. seeking that.
  11. I've always been attracted to the Northwest, specifically Oregon & Washington. Im a big dirt bike rider who currently rides/races (hare scrambles/enduros) often here in Northeast Pennsylvania. Im thinking of a vacation to the northwest & am wondering what areas/towns/cities have very good dirt biking around them. Bonus if they are located within an hr or so from the ocean. Ultimately Id like to move there. Any advice would be awesome & MUCH APPRECIATED!! Thanks.
  12. Id like to learn the proper way (if there is one) to tighen my spokes... yet Ive watched a few vids from factory mechanics & they all do it differently... is there a standard method... say every 3rd or 4th spoke to do first, etc... or just strat and do every single one in a row (1 /4 turn)? I dont want to waffle my wheel learning... or make it worse... Thanks in advance.
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    300 Pictures

    If it works well for you that's all that matters!