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    Looking to Buy 2011 RMZ450 and 250

    Check out Bartelsvillecyclesports.com. They are in OK and have great deals and no taxes.
  2. Chris821

    2011 RMZ450 Review: Roger's last Suzuki

    Thanks for the info. Now I need to decide if I want to dump almost $1K into my bike or go get a new one.
  3. Chris821

    2011 RMZ450 Review: Roger's last Suzuki

    mxengineer4-Was your 08 RMZ stock? I'm currently riding an 08 and sometimes would like a little more rev out of it. Mine is stock. I've read a lot of good things about exhaust and PC, just haven't committed to making that purchase. I can't decide if the added rev would cut enough off my lap times to justify it.
  4. I am seriously considering purchasing a new 2009 RMZ 450. Do you have any complaints about yours? My previous bike was a 2006 RMZ 450 and had no problems. Just looking to upgrade.
  5. Chris821

    2009 RMZ 450 owners, any complaints?

    Thanks for all the comments. I did read about it falling off on the top end, but that a pipe and tuner would make it better.
  6. Chris821

    2009 RMZ 450 owners, any complaints?

    Thanks man. That's what I was hoping to hear.
  7. Chris821

    rmz seized help!!

    I have a buddy who had a similar thing happen to his 06. His cam chain guide on the valve cover came loose and rode the cam chain down to the crank gear. The bike jumped time and the piston smacked the exhaust valves and bent them. I am shocked that your piston was not damaged.
  8. I've had my 06 450 for about a year and a half now. I have no idea how many hours are on it. I only get to ride a couple of times a month. It is running fine I just feel like it is time to rebuild it. What should I replace? I know I should do the piston and rings. I am going to buy valves and springs, but what else should I do?
  9. Chris821

    New owner of a 07 rmz450

    You might want to put a set of Works Connection radiator braces on it. They relocate the petcock to prevent it from going through the left radiator.
  10. Chris821

    Brand new '06& '07, which to buy?

    Definitely get the 07. It has some minor improvements including an automatic cam chain tensioner.
  11. I tore my bike down today to do some extensive cleaning and I wish I never would have touched it. One of the nuts that is molded into the gas tank for the shrouds is spinning. Does anyone know how to take care of this? I am not having any luck.
  12. Does it have to be a Makita? j/k
  13. The search function is not working right now.
  14. How is the Windham bend? How does it compare to the Carmichael?
  15. Chris821

    Places to ride in greater Houston Texas area?

    Check out www.houstonmotocross.com. You are surrounded by great facilities. Motocross mostly.
  16. check classifieds.
  17. Chris821


    Is that Great Southwest Parkway?
  18. Chris821

    2006 Supercross TV Schedule

    Here we go again with almost a week between the classes.
  19. Chris821

    Anyone notice the TYPO on pg 2-24?

    I'll take it off your hands feetup. You haven't drilled holes in it yet, have you?
  20. Ricky and Bubba going over the triple together at Orlando in their qualifier?
  21. Chris821

    Anyone have a pic of .......

    It would make for some great wallpaper!
  22. Ricky and Bubba going over the triple together at Orlando in their qualifier?
  23. I am planning a road trip to Colorado to see the ama national that will take place at the end of July. I ride a crf 450 and am in north texas, will have to do some jetting adjustments to compensate for the elevation change?