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  1. Hi, Can anyone help me with a tick over problem on an XL500. Recently bought it. Runs great on the road, Starts fine, and will tick over nicely at about 1300 but if you gently raise the revs it will hold the higher revs up to about 3000rpm. So ticking over nicely at 1300, I gently raise the revs to 2500 and the revs will now stay at 2500. Blip the throttle quickly and revs wil drop to normal. often as you come to a stop, particularly if you do so gently, revs will be high and will need a blip of the throttle to bring them down. Vavle clearances checked. Airfilter new. I have stripped carb, it was dirty, I cleaned carb, cleared all jets, cleared all airways, carefully sealed all joints and covers including main jet, mixture screw and associated jet, air cut off valve, pilot jet, accelerator pump, cables are corerectly set, oiled and run smoothly. it ran ok before but runs great now but the tickover problem has never gone away. I am now at a loss as to what to do next. has anyone experienced this before. many thanks in anticipation. Pat