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  1. Dan227

    Carb Screws

    Thanks guys, going to buy that and a JIS screwdriver and see if it works!
  2. Hi, I'm cleaning my carb, PWK Keihin, and the two screws holding the float bowl to the body are very tight and my screw driver is slipping and only making it worse. How do I not &%$#@! this up beyond repair
  3. I just went to buy a manual for my kx but mistakenly bought the owners manual instead, I really need a service manual and would really appreciate if someone could email me the pdf! Reply back if you do and I'll pm you my email address
  4. Dan227

    First time starting issue

    Alright I'm going to remove the carb and order a manual. I'll post back here with results!
  5. Dan227

    First time starting issue

    Nothing obvious and I dont think its the carb because I kept the fuel tap on and put the bike on its side and a constant stream was coming out of the side of the carb. Doesnt that mean fuel is getting to the engine?
  6. Dan227

    First time starting issue

    Alright I'll check all the obvious things and okay so the bike starts on the first kick but then dies and wont restart til the next day. This means dirty carb?
  7. Dan227

    First time starting issue

    Alright I'll try that, also are plugs supposed to be so susceptible becoming wet and useless from one failed kick or are my plugs just shitty? there NGK B8ES. The guy i bought the bike from just gave me 2 extra of those types when I bought the bike
  8. Dan227

    First time starting issue

    Alright its a 2009 kx100. its my very first bike. The first time I tried starting it I had the gas off which led to the gas in the float being used up and making that lean revving up sound I'm guessing? Then I turned the gas on and put the choke on and started it up but then I turned the choke off after about 30 seconds and it died out. I started it up again with the choke and turned it off again and the bike died yet again. After that it wouldnt start so I pulled the plug(black and oily) and put in a new one. It wouldnt start then either. If the plug gets wet with gas from failed kicks will it need to dry out before being able to spark again? Does this change any of your suggestions guys My elevation is 509 ft. (orange county NY)
  9. Dan227

    First time starting issue

    So I came home today after tipping it last night and it started up with the choke on, after 30 seconds or so I turned the choke off and the bike just died. I restarted and tried turning the choke off again and it died. Now it wont start at all, I changed the plug which was black and oily. Then I tipped it over and alot of gas came out, and now it wont start at all. What am I doing wrong here?
  10. Dan227

    First time starting issue

    Alright I heard tipping it and letting some gas out of the over flow might work. If not I'll try the spark plug
  11. Dan227

    First time starting issue

    I turned it on and it was going good. Then I stalled trying to get going, and it wont start again. Any ideas?
  12. Dan227

    First time starting issue

    I'll look!
  13. I just tried starting my bike for the first. I turned on the choke and held the clutch in while it was in neutral. It started up and I was letting it warm up holding in the clutch with no throttle. Then the engine started getting high pitched as if i was giving it gas so I killed the engine. When I tried to start it again it would take like 8 kicks and then just die out. Did I do something wrong here? Its a kx100
  14. Yeah I'm working on getting a manual very soon, but thanks guys for the tips! Is transmission fluid the same as transmission oil or no? and as far as repacking goes I will also be doing that very soon! What type of lube/grease do I need as well?
  15. Theres no oil filter? whoa, mind blown. and yeah I'm going to do a top end soon. Whats crankcase oil btw?