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    00 kx 80 powerband issue

    OK I will do that. It only bogged in first on take off. Now if you revved it and took off no bogging at all . Today I started it and rode it around the yard while the kids were at school. Which my neighbors love and if I find a video on YouTube of this I will shoot someone. And it ran great . Started on the first kick. The dry rotting on the Carb housing thing concerns me
  2. tech12volt

    00 kx 80 powerband issue

    Well i started it up today and ran fine for a couple of passes around our 2 acre place.. it actually rand strong right off . I dont have a way to check the compression. I assume it can loose compression after its run a lil from what you are saying. Does it make since that it seemed to bog more after it had been riden for a lil while ? because now that i think about it it didnt start bogging yesterday til it had been riden for a lil while . I also noticed today that rubber looking boot between the car and manifold looks to be alil dry rotted? where can i get a new one of this becaus ei know that cant be good
  3. tech12volt

    00 kx 80 powerband issue

    OK NEW PROBLEM! Yesterday it took forever to start the bike. once we did it dies and would not start back up. Put in new spark plug and fired right up. After riding it for a few minutes it bogs really bad in first when taking off unless your popping the throttle . if you try take off easy it will bog real bad and either shut off or just have no power to you rev it pretty good. ANY CLUES WHAT COULD CAUSE THIS? I am ready to strike a match. lol
  4. tech12volt

    00 kx 80 powerband issue

    You have no idea how much smack talking we listened to at dinner tonight! My 13 year old wan convinced he had the faster bike. His is completely stock. The 12 year olds 80 was raced by the previous owner and were not sure what all he has done to it but its got aftermarket bars and exhaust for sure. Now the 13 year old was looking on eBay tonight. He has a Fmf fatty and shorty pipe left over from his YZ and he said Dad are you sure it won't work on the KX? I just laughed.
  5. tech12volt

    00 kx 80 powerband issue

    Actually I am kind of ashamed to post this. The Bike was full of fuel when I picked it up and didnt think to ask the owner of the shop how long ago the fuel was put in the bike. I was moments from pulling carb when i decided to drain all the fuel out of the Tank and refuel it. And with new fuel its runs perfect and has a lot more power than we thought originally. My 12 year old walked off from my 13 year old on his KX 85 with this 80. lol
  6. tech12volt

    00 kx 80 powerband issue

    Ok So i bought my 12 year old a 2000 KX 80 yesterday. I bought it from a lady that had left at a repair shop for over 6 months and needed to pay the bill. The shop cleaned the carb and replaced a fuel line and spark plug. I brought it home and started it up fairly easily. Took it for a ride the first day and at first it seemed to bog a lil when you first took off it only did this like twice and then it ran fine for a couple trups around the yard. We parked it. Today I went out and started it and it started right up. Today it started up easily but when it hits the power band it stutters in all gears . it sounds just like when a car hits the rev limiter. Now i am sure this thing doesnt have a rev limiter and it does it as soon as you hit the power band. Can you guys tell me where i need to look first . my first guess is a fuel issue of some kind. but before i just start taking the carb off and so on i would like some advice. I am mechanically incined but i have never taken one apart. I actually own a car audio shop so tools are not a problem. The first day the power was great through out the power band all gears and we only rode about 5 minutes. One other thing if you leave the fuel on when you park it it leaks fuel pretty bad if that is something to worry about. Same gas was in it on both days also. I dont know any mechanics here I am in a kind of rural area and dont trust mechanics here in General as I have been screwed over pretty bad in the past and I am not big fan of handcuffs which is exactly where I will end up if i feel someone is screwing me over. There is a Moto X track in our town so I could probably go up there one day and get osm pointers from some of the guys if i need to but i was hoping to get it looked at tomorrow