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  1. markerXR

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    A camping trip in May in upstate NY. 100 acre property with a track.
  2. Well there's plenty of sand and whoops here in Jersey lol
  3. markerXR

    Factory Effex EVO 10 graphics

    They look nice. Although I'm more of a fan of OEM graphics than aftermarket kits but it works with the red.
  4. Haha that's good advice! Yea seriously, heavy?? After years of street bikes this thing feels like a mountain bike. The new bikes must spoil riders these days if they call an XR heavy.
  5. That's a good trade. Nice looking 400. I'm like you 250 or 400 it didn't really matter to me and the 250 came up so I jumped on it.
  6. So I just took a closer look at the bike. Air box snorkel has already been removed. Stock air filter in there. It's real clean and looks brand new. I'll probably replace it with a Uni filter once the season is over and winter comes. I'll check out the exhaust flange welds once winter hits as well and see if they could/should be ground down. Do you guys think I should re-jet the main once those mods are done? Am I ok with adding the UNI filter and not re-jetting? I've read 135 is a good starting point for my elevation. Never re-jetted before. Thanks Oh I forgot to add that I'll eventually add some Renthal bars on it. The stock Honda bars were shortened at the grips by about an inch on each side. I guess the previous owner wanted slimmer bars. I do like the bark busters that are on it though. They're real nice.
  7. Hey guys since my post in the pics thread was deleted by a mod I just wanted to say hello and tell you all how glad I am to finally be back to riding in the dirt again. My first true love. It's been a long, long time since I've had a dirt bike. I fell in love with them when I was 9 years old and bugged my dad for years to get me one until he finally surprised me on my 12th birthday with an XR100R. My dream bike at the time. Well, this was a 1990 and my dream bike at the time was a 1993 model. But good job Dad, close enough, used is the way to go anyway lol. I can still remember reading and looking over and over again through the '93 Honda XR lineup catalog seeing the 100, the what seemed at the time monster 250, and the ridiculous only one guy in the world rides this bike Scott Summers 600. Those graphics are just as vivid today as they were when I first saw them. But I loved that 1990 XR more than anything else in the world when I was a kid. It was perfection to me. That is until I grew out of it and wanted more....CR125 more. And there lies the end of my dirt bikes. The CR was the last bike I had up until this past sunday. 13 years in between bikes....never thought I would've done that when I was a kid. I sold that bike after my dad died when I was 18 right before I went off to college. Over the years I always wanted to get back into the sport, but could never find anyone to ride with so I had no reason to buy a bike. Places were also becoming more and more scarce to ride in NJ so that was another factor. That isn't to say I didn't still have that itch though after 5 or so years without riding. In fact that itch was so strong that I decided I needed to do something about it and why not move into a place where I could always ride even without friends, a place where there was easy access to riding spots and spots close by....the street! So yea, I've been riding in the street for the past seven years. I currently have 4 street bikes: 2002 Ducati MH900e, 1975 Norton Commando 850, 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 that I did a cross country trip NJ-Cali-NJ on last year, and my brand new 2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848. And while I love these bikes and street bikes in general, I knew I needed to come back to my first love eventually: the dirt. And since I've finally, recently found someone to ride with, I have truly come full circle and back where I belong. '99 XR250R...got it in good condition. Was looking for a woods bike and I just knew it had to be an XR. I entertained the thought of maybe a KDX200 or KTM 300EXC or even a CRF but in the end the XR was just calling to me. 400 or 250 I knew I'd be happy either way. Sounds, looks, runs good. Very clean. Got it for $1,450 which is a good price I think. Very happy so far. And I even reopened my little woods trail that I had back when I was a kid as I bought my house from my mother. The memories
  8. markerXR

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Since all my comments were deleted.........'99 XR250R just bought.