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  1. Junkyard-Dog

    1976 MR250 PROBLEMS

    Is this thumper talk store reliable? I just browsed through it and found everything i needed!
  2. Junkyard-Dog

    1976 MR250 PROBLEMS

    Ok i cannot find these crank seals anywhere. Does anyone know where i could find them? Same with the intake boot. Ebay wants around $100 and I cant find any local Honda dealers who have any. Do any of you guys happen to have these parts laying around that I could purchase from you? Thanks
  3. Junkyard-Dog

    1976 MR250 PROBLEMS

    A new piston even though the current one has less than an hour on it?
  4. Hello, I just put a new top end in a 76 Honda MR250 and it runs terrible. It starts hard when cold and hot. When it does run, it backfires out of the carb when decelerating like a lean engine, but then has a completely black plug. Idles somewhat well and torque is good low end. Top end torque is terrible. Im running 23:1 gas. The carb is a 36mm Keihin. Floats at 20mm, main jet is 110, slow jet is 48, the large idle screw is 6 full turns from bottom and the small mixture screw has .8 stamped into it and is 2.5 full turns from bottom. I live in Iowa, elevation is about 1000. Another thing is a constant flow out of the overflow valves on the sides of the carb, im not sure if its the floats or what but the needle under the floats seals well when i blew through the gas line inlet. The bike is running with a UNI air filter, no air box. And there might be a few cracks in intake boot coming off cylinder to carb but it is taped up. Should I buy the new boot then adjust the carb ? Thanks for any help, Sam