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  1. Breaking your femur does suck. This is me from 2015. I'm all better now, but I do think the knee braces I wore (for the 1st time ever that day), saved my knee from more life-long pain/soreness. I was back on the bike just under 6 months from this crash. It definitely shakes you up for a while and you do have to block it from your memory sometimes, but riding is too much fun.
  2. Bringing up an old topic, but is GatosBros still in business? I can't get to their website anymore.
  3. I really like those. Not too wild but look cool as hell.
  4. I'll add this from last April when I broke my femur in the first race of the year. Kind of put a damper on my spirits and riding. First bone I have ever broke but I'm nearly 100% now. I've been on the bike a couple times now and my speed and confidence are growing. A new set of numbers would be great as mine are just address numbers now! Haha
  5. Oh this sounds good!
  6. Think that gearing would be ok for single track too?
  7. Post up how you like the 51 tooth rear sprocket. I'm running 13/52 now and on some dirt roads running about 55 mph starts to get pretty buzzy. Kind of wonder if just moving 1 tooth in the rear to the 51 could make it just a 'little' better at those speeds.
  8. I haven't had much riding time this year as I broke my femur at the end of April during an Enduro. I'm now able to get around using a cane, but may not be on the bike for another 3-4 months. In that time I'm hoping to do some upgrades to the bike and these lines sure would help. Here was the bike on the last trail ride last year. Enjoy your contests Monk!!!
  9. Those yellow wires can plug into either one!,doesn't matter
  10. Michigan

    Xring100, Mike leduc showed me that pic at work the other week! I'm the guy who broke his femur. The water pump seals are cheap and easy to do. I did mine when I changed coolant even though they weren't leaking. Hope you like yours as much as I like mine. - Mike
  11. I knew I wasn't crazy! Or seeing red from pissing blood!
  12. Is it just me or does your link take you to a urinating blood thread! Haha
  13. Those number plates are sharp
  14. I just bought their kit for my 2011. Plan to add my own wiring as you need an upgraded stator to run lights on this bike. That means all the lights, fan, etc. Will be DC powered. I'm pretty sure the wiring harness from EE works but not for how I'll have it powered off the battery. Plan to tap into the orange wire so that the lights stay powered for a few seconds after the bike losses power. Going to be my winter project to get mine street legal. Lights are all I'm missing.
  15. Too bad shipping is $14 for a $10 jersey. I hate that crap.