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  1. After my husband's ring got bent during a...tumble, we'll call it...we don't wear the rings while riding.
  2. dirtygirl

    Got Some Air Today!

    Congrats on your air. It's quite a thrill isn't it?!
  3. dirtygirl

    How to lower KX250F

    Thanks Sipe3. I'll do that!
  4. dirtygirl

    How to lower KX250F

    This has probably been asked before (maybe I asked before...but it's been a while). At 5'5 I think I would be more comfortable on my bike if it were just a little lower. What are the easiest ways to make adjustments in suspension or whatever to lower by a couple of inches. Nothing too technical or involving major structural changes. And I need DETAIL on how to do it. Thanks!
  5. dirtygirl

    New rider here just looking for some input!!

    ALoha Kel, Welcome to TT. I'm originally form NC! Don't forget that riding in a field is FUN. I know what it's like to want to head for bigger and better things...but enjoy the terrain no matter what it is. Just keep practicing. There's a fine line between pushing yourself to improve and overdoing it too fast.
  6. dirtygirl

    Big Island Ride from Hell w/Pics

    Uhhhh, you're a crazy person TC! I'm tired after 30 minutes of riding.
  7. dirtygirl

    My Superman Picture...

    I noticed your signature...did your landing live up to that?
  8. dirtygirl

    Need some help from Hawaii

    Come to the Big Island and go scuba diving with my husband and me! Let me know if you want details.
  9. dirtygirl

    Epic Hawaiian X-mas Ride!

    Great fun! It would be wonderful to have the skill level to be able to enjoy that kind of riding. Have a great New Year Torture.
  10. dirtygirl

    Hi ladies

    Another GREEN rider here to say "aloha" and welcome.
  11. dirtygirl

    Ride in thongs??

    I wear a thong when I ride. Next time I ride I'm going to wear my Thumper thong. Too bad they don't come in black because we ride in really dusty conditions and everything gets extremely dirty right on down to the underware.
  12. dirtygirl

    Charlotte, NC

    I'm from NC...but live in Hawaii now.
  13. dirtygirl

    Just a few pics from today

    Looks like a fun place to ride!
  14. dirtygirl

    She wants to be a cross dresser!!

    The Alpinestar Tek 4 men's size 5 would probably work. She could wear thicker socks if she needed...but I think whatever socks she usually wears would be fine.
  15. dirtygirl

    Chest Protector

    It would be really hard to pick out ANY gear for someone else. I recommend a gift certificate. Make a day of it...lunch, then off for some MX shopping together. The lady fusion was the closest I could get to a good fit. It has room for adjustment around the waist. I pretty much cinch it down to the smallest it can get. It's a bit too broad in my shoulders, though...but, like I said, it was the closest fit I could find. Big breasts? Well, the Lady Fusion seems to accommodate a size C...not sure who considers that big or small...but we won't get side tracked into that conversation. Only providing the info. to be helpful.