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    I suffer from MMD (Multiple Motorcycle Disorder)
  1. Knocksville450

    New CVK40 convert

    I've been on the CVK carb for about 5000mi now. I Typically get around 55mpg. I ride about 100mi daily commute from 800' to 2899'. My mikuni ran good but got around 48-50 mpg. The CVK40 added a real power boost, a bit of overall smoothness and improved MPG. I have gotten as high as 64mpg while doing leisurely gravel and backroads. I seldom get over 75mph on my commute but do have considerable interstate experience without much drop in MPG. I have my jet sizes written down at home but recall that it wasn't significantly different from the KLR that I removed it from. I use a NO-Toil air filter. My Drz has about 25K miles 3x3, decored stock ex, f sprocket 15 tooth (most of the time).
  2. Knocksville450

    Dr200se spark arrestor

    Of course I have rejeted the carb and modded the air-box.The following is clipped from the ADV DR200 forum posting on page 562. After cutting away the exhaust tip at the end of the muffler, I used a metal hole saw , It seems like it was about 1 1/2 inch. I then pulled out a bulbous apparatus. It ran great but was a bit loud, so I welded a piece of an old harley pipe with a bend on the end of the muffler. That helped reduce the noise and also directed the exhaust away from me and anything on the rear of the bike, I'm bad to carry stuff. Now its audible but not obnoxious. I am just too cheep to buy a real appropriate exhaust system.
  3. Knocksville450

    1997 DR200SE Supermoto / Motard build.

    Knuckleduster271, Great build write-up. I fixed my rusted through 97 DR200 tank too...
  4. Knocksville450

    Rox Speed FX Elite Pivoting Risers

    A must have if you are tall and do much on the pegs riding.
  5. Knocksville450

    DR200 rear shock top bearing question?

    DR200 rear shock top bearing; Where can I buy one? The microfiche does not list a part or number. Its 24mm OD with a 10mm bolt hole ID. I forget the other dimension. I dont want to replace the whole shock. Does anyone know of a source and or a part number?
  6. Knocksville450

    Suzuki DR-Z400S 2004

    I spend more time on this sweet DRZ than on my KLR or 800XC combined.
  7. Knocksville450

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2004)


    I spend more time on this sweet DRZ than on my KLR or 800XC combined.
  8. Knocksville450

    Where to purchase a 50+ tooth rear sprocket for a 1997 DR200?

    mjg15, Wow, Thanks a bunch! I visited the Rebel Gears website and learned that they are located less than 50 miles from me. And their prices seemed reasonable too. Thanks for your reply, you are a champion.
  9. The biggest rear sprocket I have found is a 48t, but no one even stocks that. I am at a 13t front sprocket now and really don't want to reduce the front any more. I have searched a lot on the web without results. Ideas?
  10. Knocksville450

    1997 DR200se camshaft position reminder?

    I finally found (noticed) my Marks! They were on the camshaft, not the sprocket. Duh.... The bike started and ran. However it had a serious flat spot at mid throttle and seemed really lean at wide openings. A lot of pop pop kapowing. I increased the jet to #145 Main (up from 132.5. That helped a great deal, but didnt eliminate the problem. so I went after the needle.I discovered that someone had shimmed it already but also noted that when assembled the needle floated a few mm. The spring wasnt holding the needle against the slide. Fixed that too. I thought, OK surly this will do it. YES! for just a few min it ran really strong. Then nothing. Lost IGN. no spark. I began the arduous task of checking connections and testing Ign components.Every thing looked and tested OK. Turns out the CDI unit was bad. I had a spare on the shelf. Now It runs better than it ever has. Here's my new question... Is it possible that I have eliminated something from the stock wireing that caused the CDI unit to fail? When I started this project I purchase it from a scrap yard. The wireing harness has been butchered from end to end. I eliminated all the lights switches horn wires and everything else that wasn't essential. I still have E start, fuses and a toggle type 30A main switch. all the safety switches are gone. It runs good now but I cant help but wonder, Is there more woe in my near future.
  11. Knocksville450

    1997 DR200se camshaft position reminder?

    Thanks for the reply. I seem to have a mark-free cam sprocket. This is what prompted the question. I have inspected it under a magnifying glass. Nothing there at all.. I will go ahead and put it back together, then turn it through real slow to make sure everything is happening at the appropriate times. I want my marks every one else has marks where are my marks? where have my marks gone? what happened to MY marks? Who would have taken my marks? where are they now, when I really need them? all my other bikes have really nice marks. What will people say." the guy without Marks" Oh woe....
  12. I am reassembling my topend after a bore job. I dont recall the proper cam position. TDC line is on the mark in the inspection hole, piston position verified Cam sprocket locater pin is at 12 oclock Both lobes are pointing downward. This seems right to me. Is it? I have searched the web W/O finding the info I need. (I know, I know..."Buy a book").
  13. Knocksville450

    Finally got Rekluse installed and working properly

    . "Motor running = engine braking. Motor Not running = NO engine braking" I've installed several Recluse clutches and ridden a bunch of different bikes with recluse clutches. All seem to share this common characteristic; Motor running = engine braking. Motor Not running = NO engine braking Blipping the throttle on a motorcycle that is in motion with a NON-Running engine will be, well, dissipointing. Start down a hill with the engine off ,(any gear), clutch lever pulled in or out, you choose, try changing from gear to gear or netural to any other gear. You will not get resistance from engine brakeing. Blipping the throttle on a Recluse equiped bike will indeed work very well. IF the engine is running. I sometimes find myself in situations where I am moving on a motorcycle with a motor that has died. I live in the east tn area where that sort of thing occurs from time to time. Sometime I have difficulty clearly communating what I mean. I will leave this alone now. Thank goodness we have had different experiences.
  14. Knocksville450

    Best DRZ seat ideas-whatcha got?

    I measure 1/4-1/2"" taller with the sportster seat. That is with the bike sitting vertical on the same race stand. My first try mounting resulted in the seat being too low in the front. I had to make a front seat mount. It bolts on with 2 longer 6mm boltswhere the rear of the gas tank mounts. The rear mount I made from a piece of 1" stock. It bolts where the old seat bolts were, traverses the width of the frame, and has a threaded hole in the center for the harley seat to attach. I also added two 1 1/2"rubber bumpers ( Rubber stoppers from the hardware at Home depot) that sit just in front of the 3x3. This eliminated any lateral rocking. The blue Cortec tank bag attaches to the tank with 2 6mm screws where the old seat mount was removed from the IMS 4 gal tank. That multi-compartment zippered bag really handy. I carry a front inner tube,a small multimeter, 12v air pump, patch kit. A tiny little spray pump with 50/50 H20- ETOH mix for my face sheild, a paper shop towell. ink pen, JB weld, misc fastners, fuzes, quick acess phillips, short 10mm combo wrench and tire guage in it.
  15. Knocksville450

    Finally got Rekluse installed and working properly

    Yes of course. Motor running = engine braking. Motor Not running = NO engine braking Try it and let us know.