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  1. XR guy

    Kenda Tire K760 Trakmaster II Tires

    I have put these crap masters on my xr400 and I go through 2 rears a year with all the gravel road ridein and trailing I do, they wear even worse In sand!! I wouldn't recommend the track master to anyone I would look in to a Kenda parker dt or a moto z tractionator they will get you through a mud hole unlike the track master that just digs you in deeper
  2. XR guy

    1986 XL600r no spark?

    ok your mixing up what i ment i was talking about 2 diffrent things i need a new boot because i got no spark with it on, and spark sometimes with the boot off (sparkplug screwed in to coil wire). Also i was talking about the rectifier i had no spark at all any way i tryed with the xl600 rectifier on and then tryed the xl350 rectifier and got spark some times when i had the spark plug boot off. my stator was bran new from a honda dealer for a 86 xl600 it was a rick's motorsport stator also bran new i got a cdi box for a 88 xr600 from honda. and no i did not check the wire colours but it pluged in no problem same plug types i will compair in my book about the wireing though the diagrams you sent me maybe better. thanks alot for the help Horri much appreaceated sorry for late reply been busy with work and replaceing my heater core on my gmc sonoma befor it gets too cold hear
  3. XR guy

    1986 XL600r no spark?

    ok all so i got my new cdi box in the otherday and pluged it in and some still no spark so i went and took the rectafire off my xL350 and i started to get some spark but only if i screw the plug in to the wire if i put the boot on no spark and also it sparks sometimes only. was a bran new boot but returning it for a new one and i would like to get a replacement rectafire but they are discontinued for the xl600 soo any ideas as to what bike would have one i could try? The volts on the one that came off my bike is a 5.9v and the one on my xl350 is a 4.8v would that make much of a diffrence? or could i just use the xl350 one?
  4. XR guy

    1986 XL600r no spark?

    no i havent checked that the guy i got it off of said well it was sitting some one stole it and when he got it back he had to replace the key switch so i just figgurd it would be ok still but that is something i will look in to thanks again
  5. XR guy

    1986 XL600r no spark?

    i tryed a hole nother kill switch and checked the resistence on the bother of them and they seam fine but thanks thumpharder both*
  6. XR guy

    1986 XL600r no spark?

    thanks a lot Horri i was going to just get one for a xr600 from Honda but was not sure it would work, but this is much cheaper then doing that i will look in to getting one of them and trying it, will keep every one posted.
  7. XR guy

    1986 XL600r no spark?

    yes i have tryed it with the kill switch unplugged and plugged in no spark iv read a lot of the forums about this problem and non of them were a help to me. Thats why i was thinking the cdi box but im quite sure i cant get one for a 86 XL600
  8. XR guy

    1986 XL600r no spark?

    hello i picked up a 1986 XL600r it was sitting for 3 years after being on the road and went for one ride on it and lost spark. I have replaced the spark plug and boot, also the stator and i still have no spark. So i have come to coil and cdi box now i have tryed several coils that i have laying around from my other Xr's and also tryed a cdi box off a 84 xL350 and a 2000 xr650L and still no spark! i have a coil for a 86 xl600 on order and was wondering if there was any other Xl or XR's out there that would be close to the same cdi box because i am quite sure the cdi box for a 86 xl600r is discontinued. thoughts and feed back would be grate thanks