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  1. NoMoreSmoke

    Boiled over how to know if damage was caused

    So you think she is okay this time.. What is better the liquid ice coolant or the Evans coolant I have been looking at the threads I will probably add a better cap too
  2. Boiled over my 06 WR450 this weekend it was so wet and swampy I was not aware it was happening. How do I tell if the bike was damaged in the heat? It still seams to run fine but I boiled off enough to empty the extra tank and lower the water in the radiator Please advise Thanks
  3. NoMoreSmoke

    Can I soak my carb

    Just in case you were wondering the here is the recipe I used… 1. Take the carb apart remove all Jets and diaphragms (I removed the bowl but did not split the bottom half of the carb apart see picture at the beginning of the post). 2. I removed the Slide and throttle assembly then mec for the accelerator pump push rod. 3. Took an old ice-cream bucket and mixed simple green and water 50/50 dropped the carb, jets and bottom of the bowl into the Mix for about three hours. Occasionally I went out and gave a slight agitation to the bucket and carb to move the mix thru it (No Need to Get violent) 4. Pull parts out, dump mix, Blew all Parts out with air compressor. 5. Rinse Parts in water - Then Blow out with air again. 6. Spray outside and inside passage ways in carb and all components with carb cleaner - EXCEPT THE RUBBER ONES... This step will keep your carb from corroding and remove any moisture left in the carb. 7. Blow out all passage ways with compressed air immediately after step 6. 8. Assemble carb & install carb. Have fun.....
  4. NoMoreSmoke

    Can I soak my carb

    Thanks for all of the advice guys. She is back together and started it up and it seems to be good to go at factory settings HA HA. can't wait for it to warm up so I can puller her out of the shop and put her thru the paces... Agian thanks for the simple green tip and all the other advice..
  5. NoMoreSmoke

    Can I soak my carb

    I tried a new 45 jet before getting a new 48 jet still ran the exact same no joke I will work to get it back together today
  6. NoMoreSmoke

    Can I soak my carb

    It's in the simple green bath I did 50 50 mix as that is what I found else ware on the web for cleaning carbs I hope this cures it. I really like the power this baby has.
  7. NoMoreSmoke

    Can I soak my carb

    Whats the simple green mixture to use 50/50? any recommendations for time too.. thanks for all of the advice so far.. The bike has no mods on it's all stock except for a brand new one size larger than stock pilot jet. Yes, it ran the exact same when I got it. As far as how it runs. It runs okay once warmed up meaning for the first three or four minutes you have to have the choke on, or have some throttle applied if you stop it will die (throttle adjustment is all the way up). If you stop on a trail and talk for a no exaggeration 2-3 min you must repeat the process. It seems lean at idol (tested this by blowing propane into the air box (adding more fuel when lean it will rev - if too rich it will tend to die) it rev-ed up with this test. Preformed leak down test found no leaks in any seals(started at air box and worked way to engine intake). Other than that the bike runs normal. HA HA.. I have always ridden two strokes this is my first thumper and I love the power but I am not sure what to think of the the mechanics these are complicated in comparison. Any advice to straighten out the issue at hand would be great.
  8. NoMoreSmoke

    Can I soak my carb

    I have a 2006 wr450 new to me last fall previous owner had really old gas in her, but she has really low miles. I have sprayed the carbs several times now but she still runs very lean at idol to the point I have my Idol adjustment turned all the way up. brand new pilot jet cleand all other jets too...spotless.. So I thought I would soak my carb. I tore her down now and have a couple questions. I am planning to soak it in carb cleaner. 1:How can I get the seat out of the carb & do i need to in order to soak it. In the schematic it looks like there is a rubber oring in there is this true? 2: How does the Air Cut Valve come out & do I need to to soak it? it looks like there is some plastic behind the brass in the picture? 3: Does the brass fitting for the fuel line come out any issues with leaving it in while i soak it? 4: Does the other brass fuel fitting with plastic on it need to come off Before soaking it? 5: Do I need to split the top half of the bowl off of the carb? ( the section that holds all of the jets.)
  9. Here is the deal. I Just bought a WR 450 2006 and its hardly been used. Everything is in great shape but it just won't stay running for me unless the choke is out. When I got it home I drained the gas because it had defiantly gone bad, and I flushed the tank before refilling it. I have removed the carb cleaned it inspected jets ran copper wire thru jets I live in MN and I have the following jets in it. Oh and the bike is stock... Main Jet is 165 JN OBDWR only has one position on it Pilot Jet 45 Start jet is 65 Air jet is an 80 Fuel air screw is set to 1.5 turns out I have gone past 1.75 turns ( this does stop the back firing) These all seem to be stock if my research is correct. What am I missing should I throw some seafoam in it and go for a ride and see if that loosens it all up?? Please any help is appreciated. Mark.