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  1. hi, i just bought a 1996 polaris trailblazer 250 and i dont know how to mix the gas and oil
  2. im 5foot 2 inches and im really interested in this bike but will i even fit on it?
  3. im 5foot 2 inches and im really interested in this bike but will i even fit on it?
  4. im looking at these two bikes to buy used. i would like to know what bike is better? im almost 5 ft 2 inches. and i plan to trail ride but eventually race
  5. correction it needs to be 20 feet longv
  6. hey, im getting another auad hopefully and in order to use it i need to cross a ridge. and i nedd a bridge to do so. ive been using my neighbors but it cracked so i had to fix it. so im not looking for wood unless its really thick. i dont mind having to build it either. any suggestions or blueprints? oh! it needs to be 23 feet long and at least 10 feet across
  7. hey guys, im looking at the three quads stated above which one is best? im gonna end up racing it but at first im gonna trail ride it if you need additional info just reply below
  8. hey i just bought a chinese quad to f*** around with. but it needs a starter. im unaware of the brand. its a 125cc someone help
  9. to be more specific i was looking at either a 1996 or a 1997 rm125. are they good?
  10. no, i have a honda xr 100 and have ridden my friends crf150f
  11. im just about 5 foot 2 inches and im looking at the rm 125 is it too big? ( im still growing)
  12. so,buy my own 150r?
  13. mostly for racing, ive ridden my friends dirtbike in the past i know how to shift. it was a honda crf150. i really plan on racing and trail riding
  14. just all around riding. im experianced in mechanics. im 14.
  15. okay, well im buying a dirtbike. Im 5'1 and i was thinking of a yz250? is that okay?