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  1. Time will tell........Figure I will be in a wheel chair anyway, and I will kill myself when that happens, so I see no difference. If I were in excellent health like ten years ago when I used to run 12 miles a day, then I probably wouldn't take as many chances. Most MC accidents are caused by the rider, not other drivers.
  2. I have broken ribs, an arm, a shoulder, and drew blood from my hard head. I still can't quite bring myself to wear all that hot gear. I never wear a helmet unless I am on the highway out of town, riding dirt ((currently dual sport rider), or riding in bad weather. When riding in bad weather I am usually on the highway far from home, so I am wearing a helmet anyway. It is just too dang hot down in Florida to wear a bunch of gear around town. Note, I am a very careful rider, and I have that sixth sense, and just know when somebody is going to pull out in front of me or come over into my lane. I have kicked dents in the side panels of peoples cars after laying on the horn and them not hearing me while they were coming into my lane. So, trust me, I know it happens from time to time. i know of people paralyzed from the neck down because they were wearing helmets also. Me, I would rather be pushing up daisies than be paralyzed. If you can even call that living. I am sure they pretty much feel the same way. I have MS and can't see myself in a wheel chair, and hope that never happens because I will call it quits if that day ever comes.