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    Can I sell something on here?

    thank you
  2. Just curious if it's kosher to sell items on here. I'm using the Tapatalk app and I don't see a dedicated section for that but maybe I'm blind! I'm selling my GPR4 stabilizer and curious where I should post it. Thanks
  3. I've been looking for a beta 250 or 300 for a while. One of each popped up locally recently. The 300 is a 15 and had been raced. Claims to have about 80 hours on it before he broke his arm. He doesn't hide from that fact that it was ridden, but claims it to be mechanically solid. He has swapped the suspension out for showa forks, and a kyb rear shock. He removed the headlight, kickstand, and factory trail comp or whatever it's called. He sold those parts off. I could pick it up for 4k but wanted some opinions. Obviously that's cheaper than most I've come across, but with 80 hours and no rebuild that I know of, is it just going to cost me more in the long run?
  4. Made a few changes with the bike lately, tried the Jd jetting kit with the pv mod and really like it so far, feels smoother and torquier. Tonight I installed the Clake One clutch and it feels extremely nice so far, can’t wait to ride it and test it out! Will need to mod my hand guard mount a tough to better clear the hose but shouldn’t take much.
  5. Also ordered a Clake clutch for it today. Thought I’d give it a try, my finger gets a lil sore after a long ride. I’m getting soft lol
  6. Awesome. What clip are you running it in? What’s your elevation and do you know the rest of your jetting specs?
  7. Great info here guys, thanks a bunch for all the help! I may swap in a Suzuki needle while I’m in there after hearing so many people use them with good results.
  8. What is everybody running for jetting? I’m riding between 2-5k elevation and I, running the oil injection. I fouled a plug today and it’s been running rich since I bought it. I’ve searched quite a bit and it seems most threads are talking about the 300. Also I’m curious if the oil injection changes things?
  9. It’s a tusk. Picked it up bc it was pretty cheap and couldn’t be worse than the worn out piece it replaced. It’s a nice part. Fit nice and tight. For 12$ can’t go wrong.
  10. Went out again today for a solo ride. Pulled a bone head maneuver and hooked up one of the tie downs wrong, luckily I wasn’t moving very fast 😂. I think I’m in love with this lil bike tho, all I wanna do is ride the dang thing.
  11. Got out for a ride today, this bike is addicting. Like it more and more each ride!
  12. Ya I didn't want a stock one
  13. Nope he had taken it off. Only thing he couldn't find
  14. Brake pedal action was sloppy so I swapped out the clevis and it made a huge difference. Also picked up a fastway kickstand. Now I just need to go test the parts out 😀
  15. Finally got out for a quick ride today. I wanted to go longer but my brother had to get back. I had a blast regardless. I’m happy with the purchase and fell more and more in love with the bike as the day went on. Made some adjustments to the power valve which I liked. I ended up putting it flush and really liked that. I put the stabilizer on the softest setting and left it. It was on the 3rd notch at the beginning of the day and I felt like it was too much. I really doubt these bikes need one. I’m going to play with suspension settings next time but all in all I loved it!
  16. Should be out for the first ride tomorrow. Excited to finally get out and go!
  17. Ended up buying the 250 finally. Had an unexpected trip out of town and had to put it off but made a late night trip last night to pick it up, unloaded it and haven’t even had a chance to ride it or make room in the garage for it yet. He threw in a few extras, an ims tank, all of the stock stuff he had pulled off, and a 300 jug so maybe I’ll mess with that someday, but for now I’m just excited to ride. Thanks for all of the opinions, this was a well maintained bike. I’m glad i went this direction instead of messin with the cobbled together 300. Now let’s see if i can’t get this thing out and wreck it a couple times lol
  18. I’m looking to purchase this 15 Beta. It’s been ridden but the price is right and I’m on a budget lol. He’s come down on price to a point where I figured it’d be hard to lose. He lives a few hours away and his English isn’t the best, but he said the shocks are showas and the rear shock is kyb, but didn’t sound super confident when he said that. I was just hoping somebody could tell from the pics what he’s running here.
  19. I agree, I'm talking with the guy that has the 250 and we're working on making something happen. I should know by tomorrow night wether or not I'll be riding a beta this weekend
  20. Still haven’t been able to get up there to look at the bike. I did go look at a 16 250rr that is gorgeous. Lots of extras and very well cared for. It’s more expensive but I am debating going that route even though I was set on the 300 I’m not opposed to a 250 either. I thought the price on the 250 was good too @5k since it was in great shape and with all the extras (Marzocci 48mm Forks with coated tubes, Valved Sachs Shock, GPR stabilizer, ARC levers, DUBYA wheels, FMF factory Fatty, FMF spark arrestor and non spark arrestor also included, Supersprox sprockets, BRP Chain guide, Mylers oversized Radiators, Radiator Gaurds), but we’ll see, it’s a tough decision at this point. The 250 is a turn key ready to go ride, and has the oil injection which I like while the 300 I doubt would be good to go right out the gate. The 300’s definitely seem to sell easier.
  21. I should have said that differently, there were others in the thread who said they had swapped husky forks if I'm not mistaken. Maybe I posted the wrong link I'll look when I get off of work.
  22. he said they were from a 13-14 husky
  23. don't worry ill make the drive to see it in person before i do anything. I've done quite a bit of online car sales and purchases and have learned to sniff out those scamming sob's. Good looking out tho
  24. I found this link, he claims to have swapped the fork off of a husky if you scroll down. I wonder if this is the same setup since the seller claims that the forks came off of a husky http://realenduro.com/index.php