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    SLC Utah area. Desert/Mountains Year: 05 Elevation: 4000-9000 Temperature Range: 20-100 Smog (AIS): N/A Airbox Modified Top: YES Airbox Modified Sides: 3 holes cut into the "fins" of the Right side only, hidden behind black airbox side cover/number plate Backfire Screen: YES Air Filter: OEM Honda Pilot Jet: 42 Main Jet: 165 winter 0-45*F. 162 Summer 45*f-100*f Needle: NCVS Needle Clip Position: 3rd from top winter below 45*f/ 2nd from top above 45*f Fuel Screw Type: Tusk adjustable Fuel Screw Setting: 1.5, varies.. AP Modified: YES, wired, short rivet diaphram/ OEM spring Leak Jet: stock AP Cover: stock Exhaust Type: stock Exhaust Modified: baffle removed Pink Wire Modified:NO Works great in Northern Utah. Extremely snappy and responsive, no hesitation, no bog or stalling ever. Also worked ok with the stock needle in the 2nd clip position. NCVS needle helped to smooth out the hard midrange hit quite a bit though, power is smooth throughout now and less fatiguing with NCVS.. I'll go back to a 162 main jet in the summer at this Altitude.. 165 main works good right now with the colder temps around 20-40 degrees F. No need to spend the extra money on the JD kit if you don't want too. This setup works excellent. Most snappy responsive 4 stroke I have ever ridden. I have ridden bikes with the JD and yes it works fine but it's nothing special over doing it yourself a lot cheaper. AP mods listed above make a big difference on the FCR carb. Expensive aftermarket crap not needed to get excellent performance with the FCR.