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  1. I've heard that the fork tubes on the 97 cr250 are notorious for binding. Weird because the tubes are the same from 97-00, but the chrome sliders are different between those years. I have a pair of 99 forks but they have bad tubes (bad corrosion) and one of the compression clickers snapped off. Can I use the tubes and cartridge from the 97, and the chrome sliders and damping rod assy from the 99?

    Carb overflow leaking

    This happened to me earlier this year, ended up being the o-ring that the needle seat uses to seal against carburetor. Just bring the o-ring to your local industrial supplier and get a new one and see if that fixes it. Mine was visibly cracked so you should be able to see if there's a problem there.

    Top bottom end rebuild, 2 extra bolts!

    They must be upper radiator louvre bolts then. Only place where there's a bolt missing. I didn't know they were fastened up top until now, thanks Paulmer! Bike is going through its break in after work today. Well she how she fairs. Thanks guys

    Top bottom end rebuild, 2 extra bolts!

    I'm not so sure about that. I've always seen them fastened only at the bottom. The parts fiche also shows no bolts going through the top

    Top bottom end rebuild, 2 extra bolts!

    I'm thinking that maybe I added them to the top of my radiator louvers where theres a place for a bolt... They are only fastened on the bottom from the factory. Had one fall off the other year. I just cant remember though.
  6. Just finished up my top and bottom end rebuild after a thrown rod bearing. Had the body fasteners stowed away in a bag away from engine fasteners so they wouldn't be mixed. When I went to assemble it all I have 2 bolts left from the bag with the body fasteners. Any ideas where these go? I cant remember for the life of me. Please help! 2005 yz 125 **There not the bolts for the rear of my my seat either

    Girlfriend outgrowing 85?

    There's enough clearance on both fenders for the bigger wheels? Does it look like she's completely outgrown the 85 as it is right now?

    Girlfriend outgrowing 85?

    It's a small wheel 17/14. She's 19. Were both in college so money is sort of tight. I MIGHT be buying a 250R this year if my parents are willing to help out and might give her my 125/144. The thing with the 85 is that she still never hits the powerband so she still has tons of power to discover. 125 is very tall for her.
  9. My GF has been riding for 3 years on her ktm 85 now. Just wondering if you guys think that she is starting to outgrow it at all? Shes done growing at about 5'5". And she still has plenty of power to discover in the bike. Just want your .02c on it.
  10. bump... any suggestions guys?
  11. and bike was running like this b4 and after top and bottom end rebuild. (new main bearings, crank, crank seals, top end) So not the crank seal either...
  12. checked the float level. its perfect. and recently replaced needle and seat.
  13. ok so fixed the cold start revving problem. air leak in boot, just tightened it up and viola! but does anyone here have ANY suggestions as to why it runs so rich on such lean carb settings? just so confused.
  14. ktm 85 sx 2007 42 idle jet 115 main jet N5HH neede (leanest) dropped all the way down. would a compression test tell me if seals are leaking?
  15. also bike has FRESH top and bottom end 10hrs on it. once warm the engine idles fine also.