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  1. Yep, F1 has been using pneumatically actuated valves for some years now. They found mechanical valve trains had rpm limits so they switched and now redline around 23,000+ rpm in a V8 or V6. If you've ever seen one start up, they have to hook a compressed air tank to the car to pressurize the valve train until the on-board compressor gets up to speed (the same thing would be needed for a bike). Diesels are different in that they have no throttle body, the valves open to let a certain amount of air in then the electric injectors add the proper amount of fuel to match said air, and then combustion occurs based on the high cylinder temps and pressures. This is why most all modern diesels have turbos, to boost the intake pressures and force more air into the cylinder in shorter times. Also they run at much lower RPM's...
  2. abizdafuzz

    WC 450X skid plate on R?

    No one has had these two side by side?
  3. abizdafuzz

    WC 450X skid plate on R?

    Is it possible to put a Works Connection 450x skid plate on a 450r of the same year?? Are the frames that much different, that different holes or a new tab can't get it there? I like the full coverage and better protection of the x plates but I want to use my '07 450R for trails and some local scrambles maybe. Just interested to see if anyone else has given this a try or thinks it will work. Thanks, Ben
  4. abizdafuzz

    Extreme riding, old school style

    From one of my favorite movies growing up: On Any Sunday, IMHO three of the great riders...Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, and Mert Lawwill. http://youtu.be/8_YK3LWxDUQ http://youtu.be/AbT3Yy5lexY I learned to ride on a '73 Yahmaha 175, and then a '70 Husky CR250, and up through high school my dad's '83 Husky XC500. We still own the huskies.
  5. abizdafuzz

    Welding steel to aluminum

    DANA has been doing this for a few years. They use it to weld aluminum drive shafts to steel yokes, saw the machine run on a plant tour during college. Pretty neat idea, but it was a costly machine and time consuming to do right.