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  1. GP Bulgaria - Sevlievo The Best Motocross Track in the World! In the garage the low cost version: First pic after rebuild: Hope you like it! More pics at: https://www.facebook.com/ZMPerfOrmance or https://www.facebook.com/mx1.number13
  2. I' m asking you that because i plan to make it myself - added weight
  3. Thanks for responds, does anyone of you have measure the weight difference btw both flywheels
  4. Hello, After long work on my bike, now my 2006 yz250 is pretty strong, but also too much crispy. I have so much power from the low revs to the very end. Also to much wheel spin. So i'm planing to install some extra weight on my flywheel, but have not any idea how much? My goal is to smooth just a bit the power hit and keep the high end power. Any tests results and ideas from yourside will be very helphull for me. Thanks in advance! Regards Martin
  5. Hello, I'm playing with 2t pipe software, and need a cylinder map for my bike 250/06, the problem is that is just top end rebuild! I don't want to open. Does anybody have map with measurements and degrees ? Forgot to mention I'm running with stock conrod. Thanks in advance! Regards Martin
  6. mx13

    Yzf tank on yz

    Here you are one more shoot of my bike SM converted
  7. Sm riding I use 15front and 36 rear sprockets so she is going really fast
  8. Here is she ready for today's riding also an other way this bike used to is:
  9. Here you are my YZ250 Evo /2006/: Hope you'll like my mods!
  10. Hello strokers, I've met some dificults to scan and than draw outline, to be able make my own graphic theme. I'd like to ask you for help, if anyone has ready *.cdr file with resized graphics to share with me! Thanks in advance! Martin
  11. good idea, thanks for it! Happy new year!!! Martin
  12. mx13

    Frame swaping advise

    What is the differance on the track with this frame? Martin
  13. I'd like to feel the bike as lighter as possible, will run with 100/90-19 rear tyre I feel much more traction with it, but short life/i dont care about that/ I still have not finished the seat. soon there will be update will keep you informed. I live in Bulgaria and it is far away from USA but if you want one no problem. For this seat I've used YZ450F plastic and foam, I have one stock yz250 2006 seat for spare. Will post some other pics of seat I made asap. Regards Martin