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  1. bullfrogin

    xr70 no spark

    so if the threads were rethreaded would that throw it off and make it get no spark. and the wooodruff key lookes to b damaged. definitely looks like someone rethread and messed up the key. so is this my problem, need a new crankshaft or just the key is throwing it off. thx for the help..
  2. bullfrogin

    xr70 no spark

    bike is a 2000. bike was missing stator cover and the ignition pulse generator was all chewd up.replaced stator and flywheel from working bike.iv changed coil and plug , cdi box and wiring harness from working bike. cleaned the ground.i have kill switch and key unplugged, do i need a jumper wire for them or not.i have not checked valve adjustment and did the finger test for compression, pushes my finger out..am i missing something, do something wrong.
  3. bullfrogin

    xr70 no spark

    honda shop told me to check the points and make sure there clean. what am i looking for....
  4. bullfrogin

    xr70 no spark

    All honda parts from a working bike.
  5. bullfrogin

    xr70 no spark

    Just put on a different wiring harness and still not gettinv spark. What am i missing.
  6. bullfrogin

    xr70 no spark

    Coil boot and plug are from working bike. I even tried disconnecting kill switch and key. I checked over wiring harness, looks good. Even cleaned ground.
  7. bullfrogin

    xr70 no spark

    replaced stator, flywheel, cdi box,and plug and wire. checked ground. am i missing something...