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  1. seabeegt

    Ktm 530 vs ktm 640 or 690?

    It was worth the $$$ in my opinion. But I'll also admit, other products for less $$$ can get the job done. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with my choice in Vortex. I really liked their approach to solving EFI problems so that's why I went with them. I don't want to blow my own bike up, so I didn't go with TuneECU. I know Powercommander supposedly does the same job and is about half the price. I didn't like what the lady had to say to me tho... couldn't guarantee it would work with my bike and didn't really know too much more than that one-liner. Soooo, ya. Vortex worked for me and I'm glad that episode in my 690's life is over.
  2. seabeegt

    Considering a 690 Enduro R

    Yup... it ain't the best dancer, but neither am i
  3. Lol. Yes sir. Plenty of that to go around.
  4. seabeegt

    Good friend slow rider

    The guys that adopted me into their group, when i got started out, were patient with me. I enjoyed riding but got really pissed when shit went wrong. My best bud really stuck it out with me, but would tell me how it was when we were off alone. I appreciated his honesty. It focused my riding intensity towards the good. And i got better and better. I remember still having an angry streak once every good while. But the talks we had prior reminded me that acting like a child don't get u nowhere. And most importantly: it ain't the bike's fault... u just suck at ruding it! He's a good friend... and a good mentor. I took that lesson and give it back to ppl I get to ride with these days. Pass it on. Pay it forward. Patience pays off I guess.
  5. The bike don't get mad at me when she's leaky. What's her name DOES. Bullshit.
  6. Hell, I'm not even sure that was a diss. If ya gotta quote latin to put somebody in their place ur taking too damn long to get to the point. I would like to hear the jap conversation continue. I've only owned ktms thus far. Getting curious about the other guys. Ive seen a few older XRs that caught my eye. I dig the retro look. I got to ride a KLR650(deisel) that was made for the Marine Corps. It was pretty damn rugged, but not enough get up n go in my opinion. It was way too heavy for my taste as well.
  7. Das Pig. 08' 690E. She's in street trim right here. She does pretty good on the 17's, but I'm switching back to the big wheels for awhile. As for mods, it's got a few. -Vortex ECU... had a breathing problem. Fixed it. -K&N Air Filter -Flatland Skidplate -Shorty windshield... doesn't do much except keep some bugs off. -Upgraded subframe bolts -Guts Racing seat kit -CNC countershaft guard -CNC rear brake lever (badass) -Behr rims 3.5"/5.0 w/michelen pilot roads -Dirt Tricks sprockets front/back -R&G sliders... front/rear+mid -Leo Vince SBK can -R&G can guard -Kriega 5L+20L bags -Giant Loop Mojavi bag -Nomadic Rack rear rack which holds the 20L -1.75g fuel cube..... worth it's weight in gold.
  8. So a 390cc bike comes in at 300lbs, and a 653cc bike comes in at 330lbs... why the hell would I trade 30lbs for 300cc's? That ain't happeing. And I'm not touching a bike that came from India. Nope. Economics is gonna ruin tradition and quality.
  9. seabeegt

    Considering a 690 Enduro R

    It only bothers me after long sessions on the freeway. Im talking hundreds of miles. It'll get yer back hurting too.
  10. seabeegt

    Considering a 690 Enduro R

    Anti-vibe bar risers are my next purchase.
  11. seabeegt

    Fuel Additives?

    Starbrite fuel treatment is the stuff I use. Supposedly it's the stuff KTM promotes. All I know is ethanol gas &%$#@!s yer shit up yo. So ya better use something.
  12. seabeegt

    Considering a 690 Enduro R

    U need to appreciate the 690's extra girth. She's a bigger gal, but by no means a fat pig. She's got the powerplant to support her weight. So let's just call her a "plus sized model". I used mine out in the desert and realized instantly I wasn't going to get the same effect that I did on my prior 300s or 530. It ain't the same machine. 690 will give u better range and that adventure taste. But then again, it ain't a 990 or one of the other big boys. It is the epitome of comprise. It's a shorter range adventure bike. It will do unbelievable things if u put the right rubber on her. Get one. You'll see.
  13. seabeegt

    Ktm 530 vs ktm 640 or 690?

    I've owned both the 530EXCR and now have a 690E. Both 08 models. 530: Used it out in the desert. No supermoto back then. I did put some 70-30 enduro wheels on it though. Solid bike. Very tall though. 08/09 models have a few quirks like oil migration problems, due to the dual sump system of those years, and the decompression lever being backwards on some. I fixed both when I upgraded it to a 570 with a TR BB kit. Sent off the left case to get milled out. I also put on a 41mm carb on it. Shoulda kept her. She woulda screamed on 17s. If u can get one with around 10k on the odo for around $5k I'd jump on it. Look for a 10/11. 690: Once again the earlier years have some quirks. Mainly the breathing. It's like the damn thing had asthma. Apparently they come super lean from the factory and if u keep the stock exhaust system it'll do fine. But if u tweak the intake or exhaust in any fashion u need to remap it or it won't run for shit. I ended up going with a Vortex ECU unit, but it is expensive. Around $700. People also use Tune ECU and do it themselves for way cheaper. Either way, its a worthy bike on and off road. I use it for supermoto and enduro applications. If ur dead set on pure supermoto, I'd go with a 530EXCR. Fast as hell and a solid moto if u upgrade the quirks. I'd do it again if I had the $$$. If u want the best of both worlds, try a 690. Longer maintenance intervals and sturdier on the road cuz the added weight. Both great bikes.
  14. seabeegt

    New 690 owner

    Good for you! How much much $ out the door?
  15. You got a winner sir. Pop on that now before she disappears. I put a CA CYCLEWORKS pump in mine. The OEM one didn't crap out, just decided to replace it before it did. Here's a link to my photobucket page: Hello! seabeegt shared an album with you. View Album, http://s994.photobucket.com/user/seabeegt/library/Bike%20stuff If u need anymore information hit me up.