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  1. Hi out there, what i want is a fuel, ignition control system, program hardware, software kit to fit CRF RMZ KXF 250 450. Is there a system where it interfaces all bikes so i can map etc... If not, (i know asking alot) whats the best system for each make and model? I welcome all comments and suggestions
  2. mungardieRMZ250

    Exhaust upgrade

    found this article from Dirt Rider magazine, it's a little old but a good read http://www.dirtrider.com/features/online-exclusives/141_1008_2010_exhaust_pipe_buyers_guide/ i will get to the bottom of the best exhaust system for my 2012 RMZ250, anyone out there with the same bike with an aftermarket exhaust that could recommend? thanks
  3. for those who want to read about EFI Management Systems read the following web site http://www.dirtrider.com/features/online-exclusives/141_1104_fuel_injection/ hope this helps for all of those out there confused about this issue
  4. mungardieRMZ250

    Exhaust upgrade

    yep been thinking about full fmf system but worried i might be throwing away money, do you know of any tests done, in magazines or web sites, that have done tests on difference systems for difference stock bikes and published the info showing power gained? thats without any remapping, dyno tuning etc...
  5. yep can buy the Vortex system for $699, with 10 maps, but will the maps suit my bike for maximum output or do i pay $900 to have bike dyno tuned hence, mapping my bike for optimum performance? difference $201 Have a read of the following link, its a good read but i'm not convinced? http://www.vortexcdi.com/categories.php
  6. mungardieRMZ250

    Exhaust upgrade

    i agree with dmm698, you may see a 1-2hp gain with with a fmf system, it's the best way to gain a little extra power without remapping, but i suggest getting riding lessons to improve riding techniques and track times, don't throw away money, the only way to gain maximum power with any addition to your bike is dyno tuning
  7. mungardieRMZ250

    best 125?

    yep agree with all comments, just awoke in aussie land english not too good down under, thanks for coming to my aid
  8. mungardieRMZ250

    best 125?

    Hey i just wanna tell ya if ya get carbiy bike its hard to start when its hot but if you get a fuel injection bike and you have been riding it is easy to start it aslo very easy start when its cold.
  9. yep, agree contacted two susuki dealers, both use MX tuner box, one dealer will adjust then you take away, if not happy with adjustment, they will adjust until it feels right, at a dollar cost each time. The of dealer uses the MX tuner box but said it a waste of time unless you dyno tune it as well. Rang a motox tuner who will fit a Power commander and dyno tune for $900 (only after you fit high compression piston and after market exhaust system, motor upgrade etc...) to get the most out of your bike. Another mechanic said your better off putting your money into skills training, riding techniques on how to ride your bike better. You can put thousand of dollars on the motor etc... and only gain 5 seconds and with training techniques you will gain say 30 seconds. Example you can put Chad Reed or James Steward onto a stock bike and they will get the maximum potential out of the bike and go faster then anyone else with fully blown bikes because of their riding skills. So im putting money into riding skills/techniques but agree if adjusting fuel injection you must make sure you dyno tune. All those FI tuning kits only make you think its better, you will never get it right unless you combine it with a dyno tune.
  10. Hi, I ride a 2012 RMZ250, I'm going to replace piston with a high compression 13:9:1 and replace full exhaust system with FMF power system, problem is will i need to remap or dyno tune fuel injection system? Some say go Power commander and dyno tune, cost about $900, others say buy tuner off ebay say JD power surge tuner, Wiseco EFI tuning, MX tuner box, Bazzaz box etc... ???? what is the best system to buy do I need to buy tuner or should I just use the plugs that come with the bike white or gray plugs, some say go for the richer plug? some say you can put on the FMF pipes, high compression piston and do nothing the computer system will make allowance and adjust itself? Can someone help and give me some advice so I can get the best out of my bike Thanks