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  1. Martwan10

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Hard Enduro Training in East Tennessee:
  2. Martwan10

    Crested Butte GNAR!

    Well, at least we can all agree motocross is for p*#@y's! How about this filterx: Does it qualify? Those pics of BC trails look pretty awesome, maybe we should plan on going much further west for our next trip.
  3. Martwan10

    Crested Butte GNAR!

    Those trails look fun! Braaaaaaap Obviously it's futile to argue about a subjective term like "GNAR", but I did already give everyone the true meaning in my second post. So I guess we are all wrong in referring to dirt bike trails with the term.
  4. Martwan10

    Crested Butte GNAR!

    Thanks! I was on a 2014 250 XC set up by Lake Cycle. It has 2013 CC forks on it. I would not have wanted to ride that stuff on my newer race bike with the 4cs forks. I just went out (softer) on the compression about 4 clicks both ends and faster on the rebound about 2 clicks compared to enduro riding in Michigan. Worked pretty good.
  5. Martwan10

    Crested Butte GNAR!

    No worries Filterx, thanks!
  6. Martwan10

    Crested Butte GNAR!

    Maybe he thought I was referring to the Squaw Valley GNAR? Which is, "Gaffney's Numeric Assessment of Radness," in that case, I got him. Either way, it's pretty GNAR for a flat lander from Michigan who rides in premo soft dirt most of the time. Braaaaaaaaaap
  7. Martwan10

    Michigan's Extreme Enduro Terrain

    That, and the rain, made for a very challenging day. But fun as hell! Braaaaaap
  8. Martwan10

    Michigan's Extreme Enduro Terrain

    Thanks! We went up again in the fall. I'll eventually have a video up from that trip. Much dryer, so everything was much easier!
  9. Thanks! I'm riding a KTM 250XC. I got 5th overall. I was late going into the 3rd section so that really ruined my score for the day.