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  1. https://youtu.be/-OEvIzsO3m8
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO9ejJrrw-M
  3. Peakbagger007

    Best looking bike contest*************

    2013 KTM 300 XC riding in Montana tough to beat!
  4. Epic Montana race. This is the first 10 minutes of lap 1. i will create a full video soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzCWXtvS73Q
  5. Crazy mud fest race! Enjoy.
  6. Peakbagger007

    KTM 300 XC 2013

    Love this bike!
  7. Peakbagger007

    KTM 300 XC (2013)


    Love this bike!
  8. A great day on the bikes. We went in search of snow free (or mostly) and found a great spot only 90 miles from home. Enjoy
  9. Peakbagger007

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Here is my latest Montana Ride Video
  10. Peakbagger007

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Friday Evening Workout in Montana...
  11. A fantastic enduro race held in Billings, Montana. Vet B
  12. Peakbagger007

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    2012 KTM 200 xcw..My first ride up Tacoma peak in the Batey Bould riding area.
  13. Peakbagger007

    3 KTM's and a Beta Enduro Ride in Montana

    These are some of my favorite trails in the Little Belt Mtns Montana. The trails in this video all link up too. You can see them and others in the area on my youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/user/ChapmanGroupThe/videos Nevada, Moressey, mount High, Muddy creek, and the interconnecting trails to get to each.