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  1. ak0ne

    Show your PIG

    Nice bike Man! Mind me asking where you got those fork covers? I've been liking them for a while now, Thanks!
  2. ak0ne

    Need ridding buddies washougal/Portland area

    Hey I live in Portland, I was also going to see if there are others to ride around with. I mostly hit up twisties when it's nice out and the occasional trail when I find one. I have a '87 xr600r dual sport. What do you ride?
  3. ak0ne

    rim size question for xr600 sumo project

    yeah it's a 2.15 x 18. But I decided I'm going to wait n just get a 17 for the front. Thanks for the replies everyone
  4. Hey I have 17/21 rims with dual sport tires now but have an extra rear 18'' rim. I was thinking to either make the back rim 18 or lace it to the front hub? I'm new to supermoto and have a limited budget. Is it better to have same front and rear size rims? It's gonna be like 80/20 street to dirt. Thanks!
  5. ak0ne

    Show your PIG

    Nice pic, where in Oregon is this? are there dirt or road trails?