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  1. G.P.

    A study into neck braces

    Myths? I know for a fact that none of the helmet and neck brace combos that I’ve tried will allow me to look up hills or up the other side of ditches and gullies. I know I have a short neck, but I want to wear a neck brace and cannot find one that doesn’t create a safety issue for me. A friend nailed a tree laying across the trail at head level this summer that was at the start of a hill. Knocked out some teeth after they went through his bottom lip, and hurt his neck when he was jousted off the bike. Never even saw the tree. I wouldn’t have seen it either if I’d had my neck brace on. I’ve had several of these types of close calls while wearing a neck brace. They simply need more adjustment, or there needs to be a standard for how far helmets come down. FYI, it worked just fine at the track and sand dunes....where it is probably most needed.
  2. +1 Have one on my bike and love it. One of the few I’ve found with off/low/high beam. Signal is easy to tell when it’s off too, unlike a lot of them.
  3. I don’t know if I just have a short neck, or just didn’t find the right helmet/neck brace combo, but I couldn’t look up at all while wearing the braces that I tried. It was fine on the track, but off road I couldn’t look up hills when approaching them and couldn’t look up the other side of ditches and gullies. It became a hazard and caused a few crashes. My helmet hits my chest protector and limits the movement of my neck as it is.
  4. If you go over the bars when “wide open” I doubt handgaurds are going to be your biggest worry!
  5. No reason for them in MX and haven’t seen many big doubles in the trees. Never said anyone is lying...people just pass on the stories that they’ve heard. Ever played the telephone game? Stories that happened to a “friend of a friend” are rarely 100% true. Mythbusters is proof of how much truth there is in urban myths. Pros rarely wear chest protectors, but mine has saved me lots of times. I don’t base my protection on the fashion choices of pros. Lots of pros base things on what’s trendy, lightest, or can gain them that millisecond of an edge
  6. I’m still skeptical of wrap arounds causing broken wrists. Mythbusters needs to do an episode on it. Everybody has a friend or knows a guy....but I’ve never met the guy, seen photos/video, or heard a first hand account. I don’t doubt that it has happened, but it definitely happens far less often than the myth or the internet would have you believe. There is definitely some truth in needing to learn how to crash. I had a friend go over the bars on his mountain bike and he broke both wrists when he put arms out and hit the ground. A year later he had the same crash and didn’t want to put his arms out again. Instead of breaking his wrists he broke his neck and is now in a wheelchair. Getting away from the bike and learning how to tuck and roll are very useful skills. I think that the air awareness I’ve learned from snowboarding and trampoline have saved me many times.
  7. I thought that was going to be an issue with my converted dirt bike, especially since it’s illegal to convert bikes after 2006 here. Lots of double takes, but no issues in the last three years after they’ve seen the plate. My only issues with the Highway Dirt Bike stuff is weight and cost. It’s been thoroughly crash tested past the limits off my bones and body and has passed with flying colours! One mirror sometimes buzzes at high RPM/speed a little when retracted, but that is easily remedied by just moving it a little. Heres my 2015 350 xcf. They titled it wrong when it was registered, so I put the bare minimum on it and ride it from my garage...
  8. Check out Highway Dirt Bikes. They are the ultimate. Mirrors tuck out of the way and are fully protected when riding in the dirt, and actually work when you’re on the street. https://www.highwaydirtbikes.com/
  9. G.P.

    limitations of a dirtbikes?

    Around here the quadtards put 2-3ft high air snorkels on their lifted quads and tall tractor like tires. Then they wear hip waders and chew up the muskeg and mud holes until they are 4-5 feet deep. I’m surprised that our trails haven’t been shut down yet because it looks like an ecological disaster everywhere that they go. Would love to watch one of these super high center-of-gravity machines try to climb half the hill that a dirt bike can.
  10. G.P.

    limitations of a dirtbikes?

    Quad riders seem to love going through deep muskeg/mud holes. Not sure if this is an advantage of quads or just a result of them being too wide to easily find away around like a dirt can. Quads can also also go into self destruct mode on steep failed hill climbs, which dirt bikes generally don’t do.
  11. Possibly. You’re tougher than 99% of the riders here then...and definitely tougher than me! Unlike the lack of photographic evidence of the mythical double wrist break caused by wrap around handgaurds...here are actual pics of what can happen without them. I still haven’t regained full motion from this springs first ride of the year:
  12. So you’ve established that they aren’t very useful for the mx track....where there aren’t any trees less than a handlebar width apart. 🙄
  13. Anybody who even has to debate this topic has not done actual tight single track, especially at speed. The kind where even bars that are cut down won’t fit through the trees without pulling a quick wheelie, or doing a quick front wheel skid, and turning the bars to the stops as you go through. Wrap around guards are one of the first purchases people make after I take them for a ride! BTW, how limp are the wrists on all these riders that are having their hands come off the bars and go through the handguards?!?! Hang on to the bars!!!!
  14. G.P.

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    Lol...must be a perceived tone in your posts then, because the majority of them sound like crying to me lately! 😉 😋 😘