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  1. McGrath, Carmicheal, Villipoto...etc, all started their dominant periods with a gain in confidenceat some point. An uncontested win like that is very dangerous for the rest of the field. Bad for us spectators too. Periods of dominance make for boring races.
  2. The confidence that he gained is what the others have to worrying about.
  3. I have no doubt that the WR450f is a great dual sport....except for that part about it not being street legal!!! That's fine if you live somewhere that you can make it street legal, but that's not legally possible in many parts of Canada and the U.S.. i would love for Yamaha to make a real dirt worthy 450 dual sport...but the 250 just isn't enough for highway sections (my ktm 350 is barely enough) and isn't enough for the sandy hill said round here eating either.
  4. Check my next posts and go to link. So you have no proof. Didn't think so. Of course there is going to be a point at which any protective equipment can't handle the forces involved (as shown by your video "proof"). But it's going to help in all the situations up to that failure point. You'd rather have no protection at all instead of being protected up to that point? Even at the failure point the equipment has absorbed some energy (that's why it failed after all) and the injury would likely have been worse without any saftey equipment. Physics. Im in no way suggesting that you wear a chest protector though. Any brain that isn't smart enough to protect the vessel that its riding in should be eliminated from the gene pool by natural selection sooner or later.
  5. What makes this a fact? Just because you said it is? Physics sure doesn't.
  6. Good drugs and 6 months off work! A year off the bike though.
  7. +1. Widest ones I've found and only ones that are comfortable for me. Haven't seen any that state wide in the size though. I think there is a market for big wide and tall riding gear since it is severely underserved.
  8. In most (all) cases a chest protector will not make things any worse. Pretty easy to tell how much you should value the opinion of someone who claims that getting impailled from a stick or whatever would be the same with or without a chest protector (not a roost guard). It's pretty obvious that the impact point is going to spread out more with a chest protector. Saw a buddy get jousted off his bike last year in 4th gear by a sharp broken off end of a branch. Would have been life changing without a chest protector.....not a scratch because he was wearing one.
  9. And how hard would it be to lay some plywood or something alongside the track so that when a rider has to exit the track they aren't on bare cement that's as slippery as ice. How many times this season has someone exited the track and been slammed to the ground just trying to get back on the track?
  10. If they want to make SX safer they can start by getting rid of those tough blocks. They are constantly snagging riders and throwing them to the ground. Especially dangerous when a rider snags one on take off. So many riders going down due to them in just the last few races. Riders complained about them when they were first introduced and nothing has changed to make them safer. Even going back to hay bales would be a step forward.
  11. I would love a modern XR type bike, even if air cooled. I don't need maximum horsepower at my age, but I do need modern suspension for my knees! Something that I ride more than I fix!
  12. +1 I used isopropyl alcohol before I switched to brake clean and they would start peeling after the first season.
  13. I've been ordering from eBay lately...several different sources...mostly from Europe due to nobody here willing to do red bull stuff. They were willingness of work with me and was cheaper than shipping from the US to Canada. May be different for US residents. Just look for the the thickness of the decal material and you'll know if it compares to nstyle, etc...
  14. Hmmm... https://www.dirtrider.com/features/protips/wrenching/141_1103_professional_graphics_stickerage_quick_tip#page-2 "You almost want the plastic to look dull after you've cleaned it. Alcohol will not work; soap will not work. You have to use something that's a solvent, only a good brake cleaner or solvent," Perhaps you should try a different brake clean. Stuff I use at work (and therefore on my bike lol) leaves absolutely no residue, even when spraying on the nastiest of oils. That's the whole point of brake clean...to clean oil and corrosion preventative from new brake rotors and leave none of it behind.
  15. Enduro Engineering https://shop.enduroeng.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?search=action&category=26_0