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  1. If your back is that bad what are you doing on a dirt bike?!?! As you can see in the video you clearly don’t need to be 6’3” or 240 lbs. Grab the end of the swing arm and straight arm it until the front wheel drops. I broke my arm last year and don’t even have the strength to put a jerry can in the truck with that arm, but I can still unload my bike with this method.
  2. Grandfather of today’s best whip contests...was way ahead of his time. Who knows what he would have done in the age of freestyle.
  3. motocross

    They aren’t riding what we can buy, so who cares?!?! Not many people can out ride a stock 450 anyways, even though many think they can.

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    Looking for a stock muffler spark arrest or insert for a CRF100. Insert from XR80, XR100, etc, will also fit. Thank you!


  5. Sounds like you should be riding a quad. Can strap a whole cooler to the racks. Easier to drink beer if you go with an open face helmet too, or even no helmet at all.
  6. I’ve really been looking at one too. I wish Honda or Yamaha would make a 350-400 cc old school (ie reliable) fours stroke with a modern chassis and modern suspension. Could even be air cooled. I don’t need max power, just lots of torque and claw hammer reliability. My old knees need top notch suspension though.
  7. Sears Canada was a totally different company from SHC. Sold the same chit though. U.S. Sears sold a totally different line of Craftsman tools. Canada always had the cheap Chinese crap as far back as I’ve been pulling wrenches. When my fellow mechanics and I would go for training we would load up on U.S. Craftsman tools. Canadian Sears could order in the good stuff if you needed warranty, but wasn’t allowed to sell it. Canadian Tire Mastercraft tools are actually pretty decent tools (wrenches and sockets anyways). We’ve compared them to Snap-On and they are actually thinner in places and can get into tighter spots. Warranty is pretty much no questions asked, unlike the local Snap-On and Mac trucks.
  8. Sounds like you want a beta cross trainer 300. Smaller and more flickable than any full size bike that I am aware of. Super light weight...maybe the lightest full size bike. Mega torque for first and second gear riding.
  9. When I was younger I came across teenagers getting it on in cars several times at one riding spot. We’d burn some donuts around them for sh!ts and giggles before continuing on! Lol Best thing I came across was a 1987 CR 125 and 1991 RM125 stashed in the bushes. This was 1994-ish and I had a crappy RM80, so I was pretty excited. My parents made me call the cops of course, but I rode the piss out of that RM125 for the two hours before the cops showed up! Turns out that the “theft” was an insurance scam that the local Suzuki dealer and some older kids at school had set up. Both groups were pissed when their bikes were found and I was pretty unpopular for doing the right thing. Ive also come across several burned dogs and cats in one area (that I would guess was some kind of ritualistic sickos). Lots of stolen cars. Trappers cabins. A VW Bug in the middle of a thickly forested area. Old coal mines.
  10. Love all my Gaerne boots. Low end, high end, they’ve all been awesome. Tech 3’s have turned me off of Astars forever. Complete crap. Couldn’t feel the shifter and brake pedal, and the buckles are impossible to open.
  11. On long rides I just throw some fuel in a 1 or 2 litre pop bottle. Put it in a back pack and either put it in the fuel tank asap or ditch it along the trail somewhere. Cheap, easy, and never had one break or leak.
  12. Shoo goo works pretty good for sticking them back down. Use masking tape to hold down while they dry.
  13. Found this while checking our position on a phone. Its near the W.A.C. Bennett dam near Hudsons Hope BC. Rumour is that a guy got a gov't grant to build it as a work of art. Can't even make it out from the ground. Your tax dollars at work!
  14. Suzuki. First bike was a 1978 RM80. Didn't even have enough power to get itself moving from a standstill. Broke constantly. Haven't owned one since. I rode an RM125 back in the early '90's and I was impressed with the handling though. Rode a KLR 650 once. What a POS. Ive owned and loved Hondas (2 strokes and XRs), yamahas and KTMs. I thinking going to try a Beta next....