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  1. Hello All Thank you in advance for any insight, I am fairly new to the DRZ. I have modded a few things here and there, but am currently having a major issue that I cannot seem to get sorted out. I was hoping I could get some decent feedback and possibly confirmation on some issues. Bike History: I purchased an '01 DRZ400E last year. The bike seemed to be running fine with minimal issues. It came with a stainless exhaust and hollow yoshi pipe. I was unhappy with the pipe so I found a stock can that had been modified. I fabbed up the factory can to the SS pipe and gained a better result than before. I was planning to do the 3x3 mod, but it appeared that there was already a square hole in the top of the box (but it looked to be factory, the 3x3 edges were tooled in the plastic mold (not cut with a dremel)). Like I said the bike ran fine, the typical over heating when running single track at slow speeds. The header did seem to glow cherry red in a matter of minutes if sitting still in the garage. (Non-issue) Cause of problem: I took a turn at about twice the speed I should have and flipped the bike and myself. Checked everything out and it seemed to be doing fine. (Drove it back to camp and noticed it was bogging before a jump). I noticed gas was leaking so I called it quits for the day. (Perceived) Problem 1: I started the bike and noticed that it was running very hot and still glowing cherry red. Forgot that it wasn't an issue so I starting thinking I was running lean. (although I didn't have any throttle response issue before) (I know the glowing red headers and lean carb debate, not questioning that). The bike did start to boil over so I took a ride and it seemed to help slightly. I tore the carb apart, The fuel mixture screw was screwed out about 1/2 turn. I figured while I had it out I would do the standard carb mods (Sisneros). So I started by setting the fuel mixture at 2 turns out and noticed my idle was much better and I was getting a large fuel leak from that screw, (I assume I need new o-ring). But I was still getting a bog from zero to WOT. (Jets were 45,65,140; My elevation is 700 ft). (Same issues as before mod.) I assume the fuel leaking is probably my problem with the bog from idle. Still at idle the bike would boil over in 3-5 minutes from a cold start. (Perceived) Problem 2: I thought I would check the coolant to refill or confirm I still had fluids. Radiators were full. I figured I would try to flush the system so I proceeded to unscrew the drain plug on the water pump (also removed radiator cap). About 1 teaspoon of coolant came out of the drain. I tipped the bike left and right, and nothing else. I cranked the bike and it started spraying coolant out of the drain, as I throttled up more came out as expected. I turned the bike off and the flow immediately stopped. My understanding it was like any other bike I have owned. If I pull the plug it should free flow until there is no more fluid in the system (if bike is level and thermostat (if equipped) is open). I tried to search for the coolant issue, but all I could find was the weeping, leaking, etc. Any thoughts on these issues? Thank you for your time, Adam