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  1. crfnuts

    back firing and bog

    did u sort it? :ride:
  2. i aint sorted my crf dude but lets deal with the facts..... the exhaust wont help any........ wot did u have 2 do on ur valve adj? i would be keeping my attention on those pesky valves :thumbsdn:
  3. thanks mate, i had all the lines 2 carb and blew them out and had carb off, checked float level and operation which seemed fine. i blew all breather hoses out on the carb and blew out jets and any other airways i could find. the settings and wot jets and needles that were in there however i did not check. how could this affect the fuel flow into the carb tho dude? oh and just so u know, if i drain the float chamber of fuel and let it refill the thing will start and run fine for 5mins. there is always lots of fuel that comes out of float bowl wen i drain it.... thanks a lot for trying to help xxxxxxxxxxx :rolleyes:
  4. just bought a crf450r, my first and i love it. after owning it for 5 minutes tho i realised that it didnt start as it should from warm or hot and googled the problem. i was overwhelmed with inlet valve issues so i checked my valve clearances and sure enough one valve had no clearance wotsoever! i pulled the head off and removed the now chewing gum like titanium valves and replaced with ss ones. i did not lap them in as my local dealer said the seats would not like this? after fitting the ss valves i poured petrol in behind them and there was no leak at all past the valves. ok. stay with me lol . i put the thing back together and? starts fine from cold, then after a period of 5 to 15 mins it holds back, hunts, splutters, back fires on a cruising throttle load, wont start if stalled. please, stay with me because of the symptoms i suspected fuel starvation so i fitted a in line fuel filter 2 c wot was happenning wiv the fuel. i put it between the on/off fuel cock and the carb. after riding the bike for 10 or 15 mins i could look down and the filter would be empty of petrol and the bike would play up! i have ran the bike with the petrol cap off so 2 check for a vacuum and it behaves the same. i have let flow a tank of petrol into a container and it runs free from the tank could the inlet valves affect the fuel flow? please help me as im gona chuck it on its side and leave it there soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!