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  1. "I need Slick Products because if there is mud, puddles, dirt or dust, my bike for some reason goes straight into them? I could be on the other side of the track or bush, but if the mud & guts are any where close, my bike gravitates to it and has to get filthy! Anything that is worthy of cleaning my bike to make it look like new all the time is welcome on the shelves of my shed....
  2. Willee

    2012 KX450F Piston, ring kit

    Ok great, thanks for that. Yeah as it is "stock" it's enough for me, rec riding on tracks and thrashing in the bush. I don't think I need any more. These 450's are beasts : ) Thanks again....
  3. Willee

    2012 KX450F Piston, ring kit

    Cheers, I think I'm swaying towards the OEM parts. I'm just trying to find out where to buy them though. Online or from where I got my KX????
  4. Willee

    2012 KX450F Piston, ring kit

    Thanks for that. I'll be marking everything : )
  5. Willee

    2012 KX450F Piston, ring kit

    WoW thanks!
  6. Willee

    2012 KX450F Piston, ring kit

    Hi, could anyone help me please? I have the 2012 KX450 and I'm wanting to do my piston and rings at 50hrs. nearly there. What is the best kit to buy? I don't want to go bigger or anything. But thought it best to do the piston and rings before I go over 50 hrs. Where do I buy it from and what am I asking for? I don't want to ask the stealer where I got my bike from because they have ripped me off enough. If anyone could help that would be great thanks. Plus if there are any tricks I need to look out for or anything else that "should" be replaced when I do the kit and you could let me know, I'd appreciate it to, thanks. I have the workshop manual, so that's a step in the right direction so far. I used to be a mechanic as well, so fingers crossed Ill have enough tools to do the job. Also is it a big job, hours wise? Easy job all round? Thanks....