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  1. Camster242kx125

    aftermarket PW50 carb

    I would get the OEM carb as these are genuine, carbs are very trickery things and very important if some thing is a little tiny bit wrong then it won't work it's best. In the long run pay the little bit extra and get a genuine carb. As the saying goes YOU PAY FOR WHAT GET. Don't get a cheep and nasty one Good luck
  2. Camster242kx125

    cant get a 2010 ktm 50sx mini to start!

    I say never get a KTM get a Kawasaki and you will then have no trouble at all, but if you want to Keep the KTM first look for spark try the lifting it up and if that doesn't work then it's magnito ignition Good Luck
  3. Camster242kx125

    aftermarket PW50 carb

    I left the stock carb on mine when I had one. Just got over sized jets for it to let a little more fuel in, but don't go to over size or it will not work. When I pot the jets in I got it tuned and put a 11 tooth sprocket on the front and that thing really pulled!!!! Up hill and every were !! Good luck:)
  4. Camster242kx125

    JR50 tire rubbing

    I,would just get the right tire to start with LOL
  5. Camster242kx125

    Project Jr 50

    Hi does any body know of any thing I could do to my nephews little jr to give some more power I have all ready done the 2nd gear mod and taken out all the restricters I just want I little more punch with out throwing heaps of money into it
  6. Camster242kx125

    need help with sizing

    Get a kx 100 I have had one when I was 14 great bike lots of power, a reliable bike a good fun to ride
  7. Camster242kx125

    Jr 50 needing More power!

    I have had a think about it and heard stories of other people doing it. I go to the hidden gear mod. The only thing is I dont know how to, so if there is anyone who does that would be great if they could tell me, and if possible pics on how to do it thanks:)
  8. Camster242kx125

    07 rm 125 problem someone help

    I would first try blowing out the jets, if they are practically blocked it won't run properly with out choke and that my be why it's revving with choke on, because the choke let's more air in to try and compensate for the petrol that is not getting through due to the blocked jet. Even if you didn't touch the carb try blowing the jets out. Also run a fuel filter on it you can buy these for about 7 bucks this will stop little bits of dirt that u can not see getting in and blocking the jets Hope this helps u out
  9. Camster242kx125

    2004 rm125 floats

    If you have all ready played with the float leavels then you my need a book or something to tell try asking a dealer. But if you haven't then DON'T TOUCH THEM!!!! Float leavels don't magically change
  10. I just rebuilt my jr 50 that I have had since I was little. I'm passing it down to my nephew. I pulled the whole thing down, crank bearings piston and rings crank seals and just a few other things I just wanted to know how I can give it a bit extra power like my nephew trys to go up a hill it slows down to a stop. This kid is 5 so weighs nothing. I,ve taken out all the resticters. How do I give it more power with out going to the HIDDEN GEAR I would like to keep it stock!
  11. I would chuck a new piston and rings kit in it Wiseco make really good pistons I run them n all my bikes woudnt trust anything else!
  12. Camster242kx125

    Rider without a Ride :-(

    I had a think about you said there no spark, I don't think it would have anything to do with the fly wheel. Have u tried a new plug in it some time they stuff up if not used for long time. Or the other thing it would be ignition some times when people wash there bike moisture can get into it and wreck it hope this reply helped u out.