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  1. if you take a crf450r and a cr500 up a steep hill with logs and such in a slow race the 450 will win
  2. id say anywhere from 2000 to 2750
  3. there are different kinds of hillclimbs where different bikes come in handy. If it were a tricky, rocky, fallen logs, and tight turns, then definatly the 450, but if it were straight up as fast as you can go(how most competitive hillclimbs are) then the 500 all day. The 450 lugs better but the 500 is scary fast when you twist that trottle
  4. i wheelie past 250s 2 and 4 stroke on my 500
  5. cr500s are insanely fast especialy if you get like a mid 1980s
  6. i personaly would go for a cr250 or yz250, ive also heard the honda and yamaha 450s are beasts and if you can test one out that would help make up your mind, but i will never buy a 4 stroke, im a DIE HARD 2 stroke fan
  7. sbmx i am 15 years old and weight 120 lbs, i have been riding since age 8 and i ride a cr500 and a rm250, cr500 is definately tonz more bike than the rm250
  8. hi i am 15 years old and i recently bought a 1989 cr500 and rebuilt the motor, the thing if a monster. I had a rm250 before i got the 500 and sold it 2 days after riding the 500, i love my bike and was wondering what other people thought about this bike, i ride trails and hillclimbs, are there any adjustments to make this bike not bog down. its a bugger to hot start it after killing it, any replies are greatly apreciated.