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  1. Turns out the gear on the intake cam had slipped, someone welded it back on in the wrong place. I had the dots lined up, but the dots were in the wrong place...
  2. Maybe I was wrong about compression?? I did a leakdown and it is about 2-3 percent at TDC. But with new rings that haven't been seated, there is a little bit to be expected. I have never leaked a bike down before though, maybe that is way to high even for a new motor? I am used to 12-15 percent being a problem on my race motors. Since the leakdown shows good, that tells me the compression should be ok correct? (taking into consideration I haven't found any other issues) Is there a "correct" way to install the head gasket? I didn't see any markings on it and it would fit 2 ways. I put it how it looked like the picture showed on cyclopedia. There are 2 brass crimped rings that hold the 3 layers of the gasket together, the pic shows one of those pointed towards the clutch arm, that is how I did it.
  3. OK, I have a compression issue. Checked it and showing about 35 at 5 kicks. I pulled the head, checked the cylinder, piston, rings, put alcohol on the spring side of the valves and nothing leaked through after at least 10 minutes. I used new gaskets with the whole rebuild, new piston and rings. Any ideas I am missing? Ring end gap is good, piston size is good, I am lost now....but I am sure it is something little I am missing.
  4. Compression and leakdown will be tested as soon as the adapter for that small of a plug gets here. I am used to small block chevy plugs, I didn't have an adapter for my gauge that would fit. I have tried holding the plug and kicking to see spark, but definitely hard to do alone. As soon as I have someone here I was going to try it again. I see a spark, but when you are doing it all yourself, it was hard to tell if it was every single time or not. Plus I could have been shaking it when I kicked.... Thanks for the tips, I am honestly leaning towards compression. I just put a new piston and rings in, but it just doesn't seem to have the resistance in the kickstart that I was expecting. I know it has the decompression deal to help with starting, but it is still pretty easy to turn over for what I was thinking it should be. This is my first 4 stroke bike though, so maybe I just don't know what it should feel like???
  5. About every 8-10 kicks I was getting a very short sputter out of it. I went back and pulled the cams out, started completely over and now it won't even do that anymore?? I was thinking I had the timing off or valves out of adjustment, but I had a riding buddy check it and he says it looks good to him to. Dots are even with the head when I use to 2nd mark on the flywheel, 28 pins between dots, 12 between the top 2 dots. Valve lash set to 14 and 21. I'm stumped and tired off kicking, might be looking at a KTM 2 stroke after all this mess!!! At least they have a button to start with. LOL
  6. Let me start off by saying I have went through all the posts on here I can find about 2004 250f issues. I know most of you will say sell it and get something different, but I have been working on this one and I want it to run, isn't worth much to sell if it won't start!! I bought it with a cracked case and have put it back together using cyclopedia manual. I have raced circle track cars for 19 years so I have faith in my mechanical ability to put it together correctly!!! I have checked the following: triple checked the valve lash, even had a friend check it again timing is good according to manual, friend checked it too changed coil stator tests ok according to manual unkooked kill switch/tested for proper function new plug new gas cleaned jets checked wiring for cuts I have tried everything and I am stumped. ANY ideas on something else to check would be great. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you! Other than kicking out the shroud about an inch wider on both sides, I don't think there would be any issues. Mounting points are different, but how hard is it to make a bracket?? Thanks again for the measurements.
  8. Thank you! Can you get the overall height and width of both sides also? 04 both sides were the same, from pics I have looked at 09 was longer on the right side I think? Thanks again for the quick reply.
  9. Has anyone tried an 09 radiator on an 04? I saw where the 09 was bigger, wondering if they will fit behind the plastic? Can anyone send me some pics and measurements of the 09 so I can see if they might go on? Would like to see measurements on the mounting points, overall size, and where the in/out lines are located. Rerouting hose won't be an issue, mainly just need to see if they will fit on the 04. Thanks in advance.