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    XR 500 spark

    here's what i did with my 82 xr500 take out the spark plug, put a voltage meter on the ht lead , kicked the bike over, the voltage should be very high, on my bike the spark plug was firing but,not enough, i put a second hand stator coil in and found a huge difference in the voltage. next i checked the cdi unit with a meter, i was told that these dont break. I can send you what colour wires go where if you like. next i checked the timing. took off the tappet cover, lined up the the 2 marks on the cam gear with the top of the head (as per clymers manual) unscrewd the 2 plugs on the left hand side cover and checked to see that the top dead center marks were lined up. i was surprised that although they did line up the piston was not fully at the top of its reach. adjusted the cam chain with the piston at the top of its reach. the timing marks were only slightly out but it made a huge diference in starting the bike. it now starts every time and with no kick back. hope this helps. let me know if you need wiring of cdi unit Rod
  2. rodhw

    84 XR500 Rocker Arm Noise?

    Hi Looking for some help with a xr500 82. i dont understand why the rocker arms are not pretensioned so that they run on the cam shaft all the time. i have just fitted new cam shaft, but here in South Africa i cant get new rockers. after starting the bike i could hear a nasty rattle in the head so this evening i took the engine out and took off the tappet cover. What i found was that the rocker arms were damaged and the cam shaft from the impact of the the rockers not traveling around the cam shaft. hope im explaining this properly im new to this forum so i hope im posting this in the right place!!! any help would be great, been restoring this bike for 2 years now and getting a bit desperate Rod