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    XR600R Big bore, what carb?

    Low speeds (rev's) it's using the pilot-jet..(slow-jet) SEE BELOW: (from JustXR.com) So you have to adjust the air-screw to get a richer/leaner mix... and YES leaner mix will result in higher temp.. First go back to default (factory) settings... first turn air-screw complete in, then 2.5 turns out... More info: http://www.justxr.com/info/quickjet.html I'm using a Trailtech Vapor and so can see engine temp (sensor).. my engine when warm runs between the 72 and 88 celcius when riding.. goes up to around 96-104celcius waiting for a red-light (idle) and drops back to normal temp as soon your riding again (and so gets air to cool).. These (see link below) little R/C temp guns work also very good.. a cheap alternative.. http://www.horizonhobby.com/products/pe1-tg1-infrared-thermometer-temp-gun-PXTPE1 Should also replace exhaust gasket-rings (around 2 dollar)... to get rid of the leaking... This weekend i'm planning to try some mods. to see if more air-inlets (site-panel) works or not... When i've saved up again (ca 500 euro) i will replace the XR carb. with something bigger (Mikuni) but HAVE to upgrade the headers also then.. and to get the most out of it, have to spend money on dyno-runs.. What i said Bigger does not mean better, when the settings/setup ain't right it even could be you have less power, it's a combination of Carb./air-box setup (in) and the exhaust setup (out) and so more (fuel-mix) in means more out BUT still getting the right back-pressure (resistance) from the exhaust system.. and because we mod. the engine (big-bore, hotcam, port-tuning) it means there is NO (plug & Play) default setting/setup you can use, and so have to find the right settings/setup for your (custom) engine.. First try to adjust air-mix and fix new exhaust gasket-rings, then have a look if you can find a place/shop where you can do a Dyno run, the data from the run makes it a lot easier (for the Dyno bloke) to determine where there is room for improvement, you can ask for some advice what to do or let them do it for you (jetting)
  2. TheRockiT

    XR600R Big bore, what carb?

    Bigger won't mean better... it's all about getting the right settings, and yes if you go bigger you can gain more power but again you have to set it up to get the most out of it... Just finished rebuilding a engine for my XR600... used a NX650 engine with a XR600 head/cover, the NX cilinder been re-bored to 102,41 (675cc) and used a (XR650L) Wiseco piston.. changed the Cam. with a HotCam, replaced rockers (XR600) and tuned the ports, polished the valves and dome... Used stock carb (XR600) with a open air-filer (TwinAir).. carb. got 160/60 jets (i've used before on stock XR600 engine) and reactest the same on this engine as it did on the stock engine.. Cold start (with or without choke) one kick and it runs (idle speed OK) warm start it idles very low (1100) but again starts with one kick, also when you play a little with the trottle it goes up (1600), play again and it goes down again (1100) and once in a while a backfire when you play.. so it seems the (idle) mixture ain't right.. So before i start playing with the mixture screw first make sure it got plenty of air.. Been told this got to do with the air(box) what needs more air intakes (even with stock carb.) so gonna do some test with a old site-panel then modify my new panel... Could just drill some holes but its better to use a filter and now busy making it, use 2 big rings, one on the outsite, and the other one inside trapping a fliter.. Will post results...
  3. TheRockiT

    XR Wiring problem...

    Hello all... new to ThumperTalk forum.. i'm TRT (TheRockiT) and a big XR fan for around 10 years, done some XR600 rebuilds/revamps in the past so got some experience with XR600.. Now almost finished rebuilding my XR600 (supermoto) but got problems getting the wiring working.. for this project I used a NX650 engine (bottum and Cilinder) * Cilinder has been re-bored to fit a 102.4mm Wiseco piston.(XR650L) * Used a XR600R head (TRT tuned) with new valve's (incl. new springs/seals) * replaced the stock XR/NX cam with a Hotcam Stage1 (also XR650L) and a new cam-chain (oem) * The cover is also XR600 this got new rockers fitted. * Used oversize Wiseco gaskets (Cilinder/head/cover) Got the NX650 wiring incl. CDI and regulator BUT aint got Fuse-box and ignition lock.. Removed the Batt. and starter-motor (save weight) Now busy to get is all working but so far no Luck (no spark) got XR650L wiring drawing but seems to be different.. MY Question: Who can give me some tips/tricks to get it working?? I prefer to not use a batt. (got no room for it) but seems you need one (big or small) or use a condensator instead..