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  1. I put an 08 back together that was in coffee cans. Cylinder works for a top end kit and head rebuilt. It was an awesome bike.
  2. XCDave

    2017 300 XC W

    P3 pipe guard and enduro engineering skid. I don't like the aluminum skid, it's loud and reverbs engine noise. I'll get a P3 or TM plastic.
  3. Extra set of gear. Towel. Paper towels.
  4. XCDave

    Knee Braces

    For us poor people, I have an over counter set of EVS and they have done there job very well on a few occasions
  5. XCDave

    Flip over the bars on the beach... :)

    Was that a 4 WD motor home on the beach ? Wtf was that thing ?
  6. Looks a little better. Temp graphics until I have some made.
  7. XCDave

    jd jetting 08 wr450f

    looks good cleaned up.
  8. XCDave

    jd jetting 08 wr450f

    Got to finally ride this thing. I'm stoked about it. The bike handles like a champ. Had a local suspension guy on hand to do some suspension tuning for me. The power is silly. What a blast.
  9. We have a local guy that prints graphics. Does a jam up job too. Check out cycle works. He does costum stuff for a ton of FTR riders. Jet skis and boats also. He can add about anything. I've got my USMC EGA and friends of the groups business on there.
  10. Ktm 200 xc. End all be all unless ya weigh 200+ and even then it will get the job done. Can be street legal and in the right hands can do almost anything.
  11. XCDave

    My 1977 MX Des Nations experience.

    Love it, the bikes at the time were such animals to ride, let alone ride fast. Gary having a story like that told first hand is pretty damn cool. The young guys have no idea what it was like to race an XR 75 in 1973. Gary is a great part of our MX history in the USA. what a pleasure.
  12. XCDave

    jd jetting 08 wr450f

    I have a 2011 250 xc ktm for a race/hare scramble bike. That's the weapon of choice for me in Florida. Awesome bike, got this with head work needed. Put a cylinder works top end kit. All new parts. Bike should be back together this week. I'm gonna ride it and see. If I can't gel with it I'll trade it for a 250. I have a 13 year old son that likes the 250 four stroke. He's a big kid but not 450 big. I'm looking forward to riding it and seeing how it goes. The sand robs power big time down here. The bike will be all but new when I'm done. Should make for a great trade if we don't like it. It might get me back racing MX and not sure if that's a good thing or not. I don't bounce anymore.
  13. XCDave

    jd jetting 08 wr450f

    I'm sorry, yes a 450. Been riding for longer then I'd like to admit. Should have the bike back tomorrow.